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    Default I need gift ideas for Couples Barbados (no tipping allowed!)

    Here is my dilemma.....We went to CN last year and had no problem with finding little gifts for the staff! We gifted chocolate,school supplies,perfume,nail polish, lotion,small kids toys,lip balm,and little things like that. We are going to Couples Barbados in a few months and I cant figure out what to gift being that Barbados is not considered to be as impoverished as Jamaica. What things would the staff want/need. I have no ideas thus far except chocolate......everyone loves chocolate!

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    There is a FB group/page for Couples Barbados that you may want to check out. See if you can ask someone that is there now what would be good gifts. I know that Randymon posted that the people of Barbados have free healthcare so rx items are not needed.

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    That's a good start! Thank you

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    Bumping this thread.....anyone have suggestions?


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    I am going to bring body lotions from bath and body works. I worry more about the women that clean our room, and anyone can use body lotions.

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