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    Default Going to Couples Negril October 2013 I Need any suggestions or advice

    My husband and I are going to Couples Negril from October 11-18, 2013. We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary and I would appreciate any advice or suggestions to help make this an awesome trip. I would also love to here suggestions for your favorite "adult beverages". We are mostly beer and wine drinkers so we are not to sure which drink specials to try. Thanks in advance for all of your input.


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    We like CN because it is on the west side of the island which has the best sunsets. Make sure you sit on the beach and catch them you won't regret it.

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    My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary at Couples December 2011. We included the vow renewal and it was lovely. We also are beer and wine drinkers. The Red Stripe is okay and the wine is okay. Martini's for me and Bloody Mary's and Salty Dogs work for both of us. Just be sure and enjoy every minute in Paradise. Congrats on your 25th. May you have at least 25 more! Deborah too!

    Don and Deb

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    I recommend a couples massage in the tree house, and why not a private dinner too ($170 extra - but well worth it). The catamaran cruise is also a lot of fun. Try Miami Vices, Hummingbirds, or Dirty Bananas - they're fruity frozen drinks with rum that are very refreshing!

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    We celebrated our anniversary there in 2011 and tried the romantic dinner in the treehouse. That was an awesome experience and so worth it. Very romantic!! Also a couples massage in the treehouse was excellent. Spend lots of time on the beach enjoying the gorgeous sunsets. As for adult beverages...they're all good but hummingbirds are great! We've tried just going up and asking the bartender to make their best drink. That can be interesting as there's no telling what they'll make. We've never been disappointed. Have fun!!!

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    Oh be SOOOOO excited about CN. We went for the first time for our 25th anniversary and have gone back every year since for ten years!
    They have a "special" drink everyday usually a rum drink with juices. They are all delicious. I also love Miami Vice which is the red, white, blue drink. We also love Red Stripe beer and they will stock it in your room in the bottle. You don't have to plan too much, just do whAtever hits you. I loved getting in a kayak and paddling around the cove by myself.

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    My favorite is Absolute Citron and Ting...perfect yummy drink. Another is Appleton Rum and Ting with a splash of Cranberry juice. I personally love the red stripe because it is always fresh and on tap. And you have to do a Bob's sort of a right of passage at CN. Have Franklyn make it for you!!

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    If you guys are beer drinkers, try the Ginger Beer - its Red stripe mixed with Ginger Ale. The ginger ale there tastes different than the ginger ale back in the States. I tried one a few days in to our second trip, and drank quite a few more the rest of the week!
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