Sep 2013
Light green bed throw on bed
Turndown cards changed to round coaster-shaped cards
Piano bar schedule, etc. printouts put on bed w/ turn down cards nightly

Piano bar counter had flavored rum and vodka barrels (2 each, infused w/ fruits and/or spices)
No smoking at pool bar (like other bars)
Pool bar sign – don’t use straws unless needed – environmental effort
Frappuccino made at BG bar
White polo shirt & white shorts uniforms for bar staff in day time (only 1 bartender had that last time)

Tall palm tree gone - hit by lightning (one of the 2 very tall trees just outside the pool bar)
Beach Volleyball poles are padded
Flag pole on beach, w/ Blue Flag Certification and current water condition flags by v.b. court
Grates w/ holes are underneath boardwalk faucets (formerly just cement w/ a drain)

Activity sheet back closer to the old style – and has ET staff full names (haven’t seen that in years)
Sarong class added to Activity List
Auctions changes to Wed night and Fri afternoon (vs Tue night and Thur afternoon)
Dress code sign at the entrance of Cassava. No hats, cover up required. No board shorts or sleeveless at dinner.
Nightly sign (of Piano bar schedule for the night) at the entrance of Piano bar
Residential band, “Sweet Sensations”, was gone
History of Jamaican music at show time on Monday night
Lots of new young E.T. coordinators. Nellie still on maternity leave.

Guardsman employees have new hats – sort of French kepi (old military) style

The block 1, 2 construction
The spa boardwalk refurbishing looked nearly complete around the spa building on block 1 side
The spa boardwalk behind the spa (on the pond side) was completely ripped up (also completely flooded from the rains)
The boardwalk (along beach near dive pool) refurbishing was completed (they opened it up during our stay)
Yoga area wooden floor was ripped up
At repeater dinner it was mentioned that the piano bar would be refurbished – no details on what is planned

Temporarily Spa in building #9, first floor

Not new things, but here are some notes on this stay.
Weather: had very heavy, very long thunderstorms 4 days in a row. We know the risks of coming during this time of year – just unlucky timing. This was not the “oh it’ll rain for an hour then everything irie” weather, it was 3 or more hours solid rain, beach completely flooded, lightning-right-on-top-of-you-where-can-we-hide weather.

Several large (and one 40+people) wedding groups. Some of them are nice people, but as usual tends to increase grouples behavior. Just not our thing.