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    Thoughts & Prayers from our lips to God's ear! Love - Razzl

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    Harry will be having surgery for the cancer in his left lung next Friday 10/4. Please pray that they will be able to get all of it and for complete healing so that he will be able to have surgery on the right lung shortly after. Harry and I want to return HOME to Couples ASAP. Thank you so very much for your prayers

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    Prayers your way, be strong

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    Prayers your way

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    Sending prayers from Florida, hoping you and Harry can someday return to the Paradise we all love so very much! May God watch over and bless you both!

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    Thank God for the couples at Couples. Thank God Harry has you. Thank God, God never let's us go. May God be so close to you that you feel his breath on your cheek.

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    God bless!

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    Sending prayers from Nebraska. May God be with you both!

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