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    Default CSA in 2months and 4 days!!!!!

    Whoo Hooo!!! I am packing already and cannot wait for friends to experience the Jamaica we have come to love.

    CTI 2009
    CN 2011
    CSS 2012

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    Yippeeeee!!!! I cannot wait! Time is flying by!

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    We land on December 11th!

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    I laughed at these cheesy "Whoo Hoo!!!!" threads.

    Then I booked at trip monday nite for mid November.

    Now Im ready to pack and stalking these threads!
    41 days but whose counting? Im eating cheese.

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    Hi Schwags,
    Flying by, yes....but not fast enough....LOL.
    We have 43 days and counting down... I must say though, I am packing already
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    Yippeeeee!!!! I cannot wait! Time is flying by!

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    We also land on December 11th....

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