WOW. We just got back from our honeymoon (9/23/13-9/29/13) and I now know what everyone is talking about. That trip was everything we could have asked for. Thanks to the entire staff who made our trip unforgettable. Paul At check in was great he made such a great first impression for the entire resort but set the bar very high for everyone else to follow, and we were net let down. Shelly from the entertainment team is someone everyone needs to spend a little time with. She has only been at the resort for about 2-3 weeks but is such a cool person. She stops and talks to everyone and will do anything to make sure you are having a great time, just do not let her leave without hearing her sing you will not forget her voice she is awesome. Sheryl made our dinners and Bar time fun as her and my wife got along great and she was very nice. Camille at the pool bar is up to any challenge just ask her for her special and she will keep them coming all day long. Our Cleaning Lady (i never got her name) was great one time I came up to the room to get something just as she was walking out and she went back in to re mop the floors when I left her services were amazing. Richardo at the watersports took us on our first but definitely not our last SCUBA trip. I could not believe how great that was. My advice to everyone is try to SCUBA as soon as you arrive to allow plenty of time to get your certification. We met a couple that were there doing 22 dives in 14 days. I cannot wait to "return home" we are already planning our anniversary trip. We stayed in room 3206 and it was a little noisy from the main room and the construction from buildings 1,2 and the SPA but that is by no means a complaint, it did not affect our trip at all. I would love to see the renovations as soon as possible if anyone gets any pictures soon. Thanks again to everyone who made our Honeymoon so great.

Yeah Mon
Mike and Mandi