Our flight landed at 2 pm yesterday. Ashleigh me us from Club Mobay just off the ramp. She was awesome! Thank Goodness we pulled the trigger for both the arrival/departure package! The line off the plane and into immigration was huge. Literally hundreds of people waiting in line. I heard/read the lines can be long on Saturday, but holy traffic jams, Batman. We were guided right past everyone as my wife noted the stares and snickering. We were thru immigration in 5 minutes (Ashleigh verified our custom form info) then it was over tithe luggage. Only one check in- found our bag (I put an orange ribbon on the handle for easy ID). Then over to customs and then, as Ashleigh put it, "your vacation begins". A cool towel and a rum punch and the couples shuttle was ready. We were in the shuttle by 2:40.
Now I didn't catch the driver's name, my bad. But what a hoot! He had us laughing from the get go. Just as an FYI, your bags are tagged by the color of the resort you are staying at and given the corresponding ticket. No problem, Mon.
The driver warned us not to drive anywhere in Jamaica ourselves. "We don't drive on the wrong side of the road. We drive on the correct side, the other lane is the suicide lane." We arrived at CN first then it was off to CSA! I noticed some tipped only a couple of dollars. I felt the driver was more deserving of $20 ($10 pp). He made us laugh and we arrived safe, that's worth it to us!
This part was a little disorganized. The bags were left by the turnaround while I walked into the lobby. Since this is our first time here, I was a little disoriented. Reading these boards for the last 6 months helped. However, I was thinking, what about those that didn't read these boards? So I knew I had to check in before any reservations could be made. Luckily as I walked over to the check in table, a CSA employee met me and welcomed me with a towel and a glass of champagne. Another employee asked my name and gave me a clipboard to check all the info. We sat down and the gave us our room assignment (3rd floor beach verandah-awesome-just as requested though not expected as we knew you get what you get).
We then went to the concierge desk. We booked Feathers, Lemongrass, a Cat cruise and trading spaces for CN on Wednesday. We were told you can only book the two reservation restaurants only three days out. So I'll probably book them again Monday for later in the week.
First night and we lucked into a 6:30 reservation at Lemongrass. Sunset setting-perfect! Iteesa was our server. She was friendly and fun. The wine was free flowing. Constant refills - very nice! We had the sampler appetizer, the soup and salad. The lobster was like a soup. Not exactly what I expected but good. The dessert: chocolate mousse for me, encrusted lychee Creme brle for the wife.
Fun! Ultimate chocolate was on the piano at the Aura Lounge. His singing partner was a riot! We had rum and ting---YUM and sang along to Piano Man and Sweet Caroline! Must see and do again.
Two words- Beautiful/perfect. Wifey and I had breakfast at The Palms. Omelet and lox for me. Wifey, fruit and lox. Now back to the beach. Now I know what sand gravity is! Excuse me while I take a sip of my rum punch, Mon!