We are 33 days from our second trip to SA and I have some questions! We are booked in the Ocean Verandah rooms does anyone have a block of rooms or floor that they have stayed in that has a great view that you would recommend? I know it's only a request and not a sure thing. Those of you that have done the scuba trip while there, if you aren't going to dive but your hubby is can you ride along on the boat if there is room? Is the glass bottom boat trip worth the time? Anyone ever done the snorkeling? What kind of vendors at at the resort selling? I remember a jewelry guy one night after dinner with really nice jewelry, does he have blue diamonds?

We are wanting to do the "love away" for next year for a trip but are unsure about vacation time off of work for sure, has anyone booked and then had to reschedule? Was it difficult and did you have to pay any fees? Was thinking of doing a split trip between SA and TI would we have to pay the trip protection or both resort bookings?

Any advice for doing visiting CN for a trading places?

Anything I forgot? Can't wait to go "home" again.....it's all we can think of!!!!!!!