We are going to Sans Souci in 117 days and my favorite threads to read right now are the ones that give the little day-in, day-out details of resort life. We are outdoorsy people who like the simple things and tend to avoid crowds and tourist traps. I am most looking forward to walking the wooded paths and finding hidden hammocks, looking for wildlife and really hoping for the amazing opportunity to see some baby sea turtles while we're there.

I saw a video tour of CSS on YouTube and one thing that made me smile was just a little lizard running around. With that in mind, are there any interesting species we might see or any nature-type experiences we might enjoy?

Can you take a picnic lunch somewhere on the property, by the pond or at a hammock maybe? I asked on another thread if there was a bonfire on the beach and I was told that there isn't, but is there a place to make a little campfire or would they allow that on the beach at all?

We are so excited to be taking this trip! It will be our 25th anniversary and we have never ever had a vacation like this before - not even a honeymoon! With 4 kids, ages 12-17, it has been a long time since we've had much time for just the two of us!