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    Default Question about dining hours at CN

    We are looking into booking our next trip to CN (YAH!) but I have a quick question.

    One of our flight options would get into MBJ at 5:15 PM. Depending on customs, etc we probably won't get to the resort until later. My question is - it says on the website that the restaurants are open until 9:30. But does this mean you can arrive at 9:25 and still be served??

    COR Feb 98; CN Jan 09; CN Oct 09; CSA Feb 10; CN Oct 10; CN Sep 11

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    We just returned from CN 9/25. These hours are taken from the "Information & Activity Sheet" we received at check-in....

    Cassava Terrace - Mon, Thurs & Sat Buffets - til 10:00 pm
    Cassava Terrace - Sun, Tue, Wed & Fri A-La-Carte Dining - til 9:30 pm

    Heliconia - Nightly except Sat - til 10:00 pm
    Heliconia Snack Counter - 10:30 pm - 5:00 am

    Lychee - Nightly except Thurs - til 9:15 pm

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    No matter when you arrive, there will be food available. If the restaurants are no longer serving, you will still be able to order food at the Beach Grill. Have a Great Time!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    and if you get in later just ask the staff if anything couldn't be arranged for you.

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