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    Default Sky Lanterns for Wedding

    I am getting married this month at CSA and was wanting to bring sky lanterns with me. Has anyone done this before? Am I going to be able to take them in my checked luggage on the plane? Let me know your thoughts!

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    You can probably arrange for Couples to supply them. We had them at our private dinner last November.
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    You could probably take them in checked luggage. I contacted Couples about the same thing and they are willing to supply them.

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    We brought our own in checked luggage, only about 10 of them. They take awhile to light so bring plenty of dollar store long lighters. It actually turned out to be a non event as they were somewhat of a pain to light and launch unless you have a lot of people to help you we only had 6 people. I think the cost at the resort is $20 each, kinda pricey.

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