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    Default Dancing after Reception

    I am having the sunset ceremony on July 11, 2015! I am really excited, but it's crunch time so I am trying to finalize our reception plans. I am a little stressed because I can't seem to work out the timing for everything. I thought I just wanted to do a poolside cocktail hour, but now I am leaning towards the beach location after seeing photos! I previously thought I would arrange for everyone (26 guests) to go to Patois restaurant for dinner after the cocktail hour, but I want everyone to be able to dance!! I have a young, fun group so I want to keep the party going. Unfortunately, dancing in the Aura Lounge doesn't start until 11pm. So now I am considering the reception on the beach with a DJ, but it is a lot of extra money.

    Has anyone done the private reception? Is it worth the extra money? I would love to hear your stories and maybe see photos as well!


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    Sorry, forgot to mention my wedding is at CSA!


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