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    Default Photos for wedding at CSA

    We are getting married at CSA in June and opting for the all the basics-no upgrades for us. Can we get another couple there to take our pictures? We don't want anything fancy-just another couple to use our digital camera to take a few pictures. I was told there was a $500 fee if we get a private photographer. We really just want to grab someone walking by to snap a few pictures. Is that allowed?

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    Yes for sure! Make friends with someone and I'm sure someone would be happy to do it. We did the one love and just chose 12 shots at $20 per on a cd. Worth it imo. You don't need to buy 500 shots, I'd recommend getting a few from the resort photog if you can afford it.
    Congrats, we've done it twice and its been so fun each time

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    I'm sure that someone would love to do that for you!! When we got married there in December there were a few people taking pictures with their own cameras! There are plenty of people standing and watching and they would love to do it for you I'm sure.

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