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    Default CSA Beach Wedding Reception

    Hello Friends!

    Can anyone tell me if they have had a beach wedding reception at Couples Swept Away?

    We are having one in April of 2014. Pictures would be great to see! I only saw one that the wedding planner had emailed to me. Also, how are the bugs, mosquitos, etc in April in Jamaica?

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    Okay since nobody answered you, I thought perhaps I might help. I am somewhat confused by your wording of 'beach wedding reception'. I got married at CSA in 2006, so unless they have changed things since then (perhaps a more recent bride can chime in here) there is no such thing. You get married on the beach (which is what I did) and then you have your reception in the garden area. Unless it's raining after taking your vows on the beach, you go over to the garden area where they have your cake waiting for you to slice & eat & take pics. We had no problems with bugs, but this was in October. Lol I went overboard in packing tons of bugs stuff thinking it would be like a stay on Sanibel AKA bug hell. Ha! ha! So take my advice and take some stuff, but not lots. You will need way more sunscreen than you will bug stuff. Besides brides need all the extra room they can get when packing for their big trip

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    I can't say too much except to say I've seen a few large receptions on the beach under the palms with a bar and snacks ,cake and they've looked wonderful. As far as sand fleas and skeeters, they come out in the evenings.

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    Hey Ladies--- Thank you so much for the reply. Christy-- We are having a dinner reception on the beach from 6pm til 9pm with a buffett and a DJ. We are having about 40 guests for our wedding day! Softail19 - thank you so much for letting me know. I'm dying to see pictures of one, but I haven't had much luck on any responses. Thank you both for your kind responses! Ill be sure to pack bug spray and sunscreen!

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    I am doing a beach reception at CSA 11/30/13 for ~30 guests. We are getting married at 4pm then having a cocktail reception with mento band from 6-7 and dinner from 7-10pm. I haven't found much info on the boards but can post some pictures after as I would have loved some prior!

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    bfnn531-- Congrats!!! How exciting!! Please Please post pics!! I am dying to see the setup!! We are getting married at 4pm then our recepetion is from 6pm til 9pm on the beach!

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    Did any of you ladies have your weddings yet? I am getting married there april 28 2015 and am looking into the wedding reception. It upsets me that even though it is an all inclusive resort that we still have to pay about 90 bucks per person for a reception but if it is worth it we are def willing to do so. If any of you ladies had your reception would you please be able to help me out on input?

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    I am getting married there next weekend with 36 guests -- we are having a beach reception, so I will keep you posted!!

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    please do! I want to know if it is worth the money! congrats on getting married, I hope you have a wonderful wedding

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    Please post pictures... I can't wait!

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    how bout Sunset or Wrightsville Beach.... A wedding / reception at sunset on the beach would be great.....

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    Has anyone been able to get their hands on pictures yet? If anyone can provide, please post here or email at

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