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    Default First wedding picture at CSA (25 years ago)

    Just wanted to share our wedding picture from 25 years ago at CSA, since we are coming back to renewal wedding vows this Nov. 2013. Name:  Jamaica.jpg
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Size:  188.9 KBName:  1992 Jamaica.jpg
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    So cool!

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    Thank you "softall19" It's now 20 day until we go and I'm so excited that I have already started to pack!! Yep, I did :-)

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    Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

    We renewed our vows at CSA for our 25th and then last summer again for the 35th.

    Here is a photo from the 25th

    Name:  Jamaica beach2 (don's version).jpg
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    and two from the 35th

    Name:  1-ge-068.jpg
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    Name:  1-ge-270.jpg
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    Please post more photos from your renewal'

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    wow nice pictures.

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