Tried to post this thread before and it somehow never made it. Hopefully will this time!

We just got home (boohoo) from an amazing nine days at 5th trip and my new hubby's 20+th. We love CSA... Already have two trips in 2014 booked! Twice a year til we die...

Every time we go, we choose tshirts as our repeaters gift. Ricky has some extremely cool "vintage" Couples tshirts...they're thick, high-quality and have great art work on the back.

Since I've been going to Couples, the tshirts are thin, have a tiny logo on front, and one line (ie Many Happy Returns) on the back. Just washed our newest ladies XL would now fit someone perhaps a size 6 (no, I'm not a 6). They're V-neck...even the men's! Do men wear v neck tees?!

Got married at CSA in April! More free tees! Same sad v neck with a different slogan on the back.

Seriously, folks...spend a few extra bucks and go back to the original, beautiful tshirts! This is a fabulous gift for your repeaters. If you must, add a buck onto the room rate to make up the cost.

To respond to those who say "just choose a different gift"... Not the point.

Anyone else feel this same disdain for the plain white tee?