We are about to book CSA for our 6th Couples trip...we have only visited CSA briefly on a trading places day, but have decided that for this trip(our 10 year anniversary) we want to try CSA for a trip, even though it may be a little less lively than our beloved CN(IMHO)...we LOVE walking on Long Bay, and want to be immersed in each other like newlyweds again, and feel like this will suit us better this time. We always book lowest category...and will continue to....but this time will be there in late July(our anniversary) when the rates (and possibly the guest capacity) is lower....At CN we have our favorite building(s) and have usually been accomodated when requesting them...can anyone kind of break down where we might want to be ...in terms of avoiding road noise ...or even if we can catch a lucky break at an upgrade? garden is fine, beachside/front is better...but what/where are the buildings in those terms?...thanks, Patrick