I haven't been on these message boards in about a year. My husband and I got married November 17, 2012. We had a honeymoon booked to Couples Tower Isle but because of life circumstances had to cancel. We are approaching our one year anniversary, and are now able to start planning our honeymoon to CTI again...YAY!

As soon as my husband gets approved time off from work...our HOPE is that we are able to make our first trip to Jamaica in January of 2014. If this really happens - my countdown will get to start at less than 90 days. I can't believe my husband and I will finally be able to take the vacation we have wished for!

Anyway - mostly getting my hopes up, but really praying for a chance to visit Jamaica and CTI - the resort that I feel like I already know but have never visited

Blessings to everyone and I hope to be posting happy news about our booked trip in the next couple weeks!