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    Default Barbados - Airport Shuttle after 11/6?

    Does anyone know if the airport shuttle will continue after the Sandals transition and all existing excursions off the resort?

    Also, will honeymoon perks like the spa massage continue?

    Will Sandals honeymoon benefits be honored?

    Thanks -- this is confusing! I am traveling 11/18-11/26.

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    I'd recommend you talk to Sandals about your questions. No one on this board, whether Couple staff or guest has been through this before. Sorry this has to add extra stress to your honeymoon.

    Scott and June

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    While I would concur that any concerns be addressed directly with an official Couples and/or Sandals representative, our correspondence with both organizations has proven to be efficient, transparent and informative. Couples has confirmed that guest travelling after November 6 will receive all the benefits and amenities that a Couples guest would have originally expected to receive ... and similarly Sandals has confirmed that said guests will receive the full "Couples Experience". Any incidental variances between a Couples guest and a newly booked Sandals guest (to the benefit of the Couples guest) would be handled internally between the two resort companies. To the guest the plan is to experience a seamless transition.
    To reiterate, we have been very impressed with the response from Couples in answering all questions during this period. We are scheduled to travel to CB in December but will of course be returning home to Jamaica again in the new year!

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    We arrive on Nov 7th. I spoke with a Sandals rep and was assured that someone would be at a desk once clearing customs. They provide transportation to and from the resort. The rep also assured me that all things promised by Couples would be given. Been married 32 years, so I know nothing about 'honeymoon benefits'. Romance Rewards are to be honored by Couples but you have to write them when you return from vacation. I have spoken with the Couples reps several times and they have been amazing through this whole crazy situation. Make sure you contact Couples Barbados and confirm that you are staying in Barbados. I also sent them my flight itinerary. When I return from vacation I will write a full review.

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    Good luck everyone with your trips post 11/6. At CB just now and its very quiet, numbers of guests has fallen significantly. Transfers to Jamaica?

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    I heard that after 11/6, the shuttle is being renamed "The Walk of Shame"...
    "Brutalize me with music..."

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