We switched from CB to CN and will heading there in about 6 weeks! We have been to CSA, CTI and CSS, but it will be our first time to CN. So this will complete the set. I will look at the Couples site more, and through the posts here when I can, as I like to have lots of information before we go. Usually we book much further ahead and I have lots of time for research. Plus we have our dive trip to Bonaire in two weeks (yes, totally spoiled!!). Iím still absorbing that we heading to Jamaica instead of Barbados. I think weíll do the trading places with CSA. We havenít been back there since our wedding in 2008. Funny, but somehow now I am more excited about the trip and heading back to Negril. Maybe thatís part of it too. Plus we absolutely love the Negril beaches.
Off the top of my head for questions... I notice that people talk about room block numbers, yet the numbers are not on the map on the Couples site. Does anyone have a map of the buildings, or can you explain how they go? (i.e. left to right, right to left, etc.). We are just staying in a garden room, as that was the same category and all they had anyway. I know you canít request a specific room ahead of time, but perhaps when we get there? All I care about is preferably not too much road/other noise for sleeping. Any suggestions which block?
Any other CN tips are welcome. Thanks