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    Default any lifelong friends?

    Has anyone else made any lifelong friends at couples? My husband and I were there in April for our honeymoon and had an amazing time. We met another couple that was in their early twenties like us at SSB, turns out that we actually shared a balcony and had neighboring rooms. Once we got acquainted with them, they spent every day at the beach with us (and almost every night in our room with us, which is another crazy amazing story that isn't really appropriate for this board. Email if u wanna hear that story ... ) anyways, Nick and Claire will forever be amazing lifelong friends that I'll cherish forever! How about you all?
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    We literally have a dozen couples, only two of which are even on the MB, that we communicate with on a fairly regular basis, and a few we have actually seen here in Colorado. That's the benefit of living somewhere else that people visit for vacation! More importantly, we stay in touch with over half a dozen current and former members of the scuba and watersports guys from CN on at least a monthly basis, some more frequently than that. It's just really hard to be a repeater and not make lifelong friends, especially when you go during the same week each time.
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    Yes we have met a couple of couples that we are now lifelong friends with. We also met them at San Souci at SSB.

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    Our first vacation at Couples was in 1980 for our honeymoon. Finally able to return to our favorite place in 2004 (traveled w/our children until then) and return every year. The friendships we have made since 2004 is unbelievable - lost count years ago. Many of them return every year when we are there, we visit each other in the states (a couple from the UK visit us every year), communicate through social media and especially this message board. Most of our friends on Facebook are from the Couples Resorts! We have met the nicest people there and both our children have been there for their honeymoons.

    Friendships are made there for life!

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    Paul and Debbie, I toast you!!! To be able to return after such a long time away and then keep going back!! Wow!

    It's so easy to make lifelong friends when you are in the microcosm of sun, water, love and respect -- you all have so much in common from that day forward! We adore our friends made in JA, as well as the staff; we visit together in the States as time and travel allow, are FB friends, with them, as well as those we have never met yet! We are all one big happy family! It's all Irie, mon!~

    (Tommywommy calls Couples people "lifelong hugging friends" since he is the King of Hugs.)

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    We met our lifelong friends Baxter & Luanne at CN in 2010 at the repeaters dinner. Feb will be our 2nd arranged trip together since...woop woop - cant wait
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    We have seen our friends a couple of times since we came home. They live about 4 hours away in st.Louis so we have had a couple weekend getaways to see them. It always brings back fond memories off Jamaica!

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    Oh my goodness YES!
    We met a wonderful couple on the message board before our first trip to Couples and arranged to meet them on the Cat Cruise at CSA. Long story short, that was 2009 and we have been back to Couples with them ever since! CSA in 2009, CTI and CSS in 2010, CSS in 2011 missed 2012 due to health issues, CN in 2013 and will be back at CSS in January of 2014. We also met a great Couple on that first trip (met him on the golf course, they were staying at CN) but we went over for the day. They became part of our "grouple" and joined us on the 2010 and 2011 trips too! We are really hoping they make it to CSS in January as well, we miss them! Couples is a great place to make life long friends.

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    Looks like we will be planning another trip to css with Nick and Claire. We had such a crazy fun time with them last time, we hafta give it another go. I hope to make more friends next time!

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    We have several friends from CSS/SSB that we keep up with on Facebook and via email - for our 2008 and 2009 trips. More recently we have a private FB group for SSB visitors where we keep up with everyone who wants to join - most are from our 2013 anniversary trip but there are a handful from the earlier trips. Just this past weekend some great friends we made last August came to town and we got to spend Friday and Saturday hanging out with them! It was like we'd been friends forever!!

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    Ssb seemed like the best place to make friends. Everyone there was so loose and relaxed. Everyone automatically had one thing in common... NUDITY lol. I would advise everyone that wants to meet friends to at least give it a shot and be approachable.

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