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    Default CN Couples Massages Tip- On Card? or In Cash?

    I was just curious if we could leave a tip for a massage on our card or if we should plan accordingly to leave in cash. It really isn't a huge deal either way. I was just curious and wanted to make sure that we brought enough cash!! Any help you could give would be fantastic! Looking forward to our 1 year anniversary trip November 9-13th!!! Just counting down the days!

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    Congrats on your anniversary! We always tip the spa ladies with soon as we are dressed and ready to leave. They are always very appreciative. You will have a great time!

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    Bring cash
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    I always tip the Massage staff using cash - just feel it is a more personal thank you for good service.

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    We use cash.

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    Hey LizDMac2424, we always give cash. Have never tried card and not sure if you can. Have a great trip. We'll be there right after you. Arrive on 11/29.

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    Spa personnel are able to accept tips if you so desire. All charges on the resort are charged to your room so I'm not sure they'd get it if you wanted to tip that way. What I do and others I've spoken with is the norm, and the massage personnel seem accustomed to this method as well, here it is: After your massage they will leave the room to let you get dressed. When you exit the room, your massage therapist will be there to say goodbye, at THAT time you shake their hand, hug, or whatever and give them the tip at that time. I normally tip $10 to $20 and take the money with me in my pocket when I show up for my massage and then just get it out for her/him when I'm leaving. It's very comfortable and easy that way and seems to be what is expected, and they are very grateful. These are the only staff on the resort that you can tip. So to answer your question about bringing enough cash, I brought $50 for tipping the massage therapists and I had 3 - 55 minute massages, I tipped $15 twice and $ 20 one time.

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