Counting down the days until my trip to Couples Negril on November 21st.

Overall almost all comments I see on the internet regarding Couples resort is good. There is one issue I wanted to ask about -- a topic I see raised in some TripAdvisor reviews and the message boards there. I often seen complaints that the music/entertainment does not have enough reggae/authentic Jamaican music -- that aside from the steel drum band the entertainment consists (mainly) of North American style pop music covers.

I was hoping to get some clarification here on the boards since I know many of you are repeat visitors. I'm really hoping there is lots of Jamaican style music (reggae/Bob Marley/etc) and entertainment as American pop music isn't really my cup of tea.

Oh and completely off topic, how much is sun screen at the gift shop? I'll be buying my own at home, but just in case we run out wanted to know how much a bottle costs on site.