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    Default Tuesday morning arrival

    Have any of you ever landed at MBJ on a Tues before noon? Maybe even in mid-late November? Just curious what the aiport was like compared to a weekend day.
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    We have arrived on a tuesday in May. The airport was empty.

    We were first off plane, as we walked to lounge, didn't see any other passengers from other flights. It was very quiet, almost strange.

    We had to wait about 10 minutes to leave for the only other couple on our plane that was going to Couples.

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    We usually visit Jamaica in September or November. Many trips in November. The past 2 years we went in September.

    We always take the USAirways Tue flight that arrives at 11:30

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    Sorry, the airport was not crowded at all in November on tuesday. 20 minutes from jetway to the couples lounge.

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    We love flying in to MBJ on a Tuesday morning. The Airport is empty, it does in fact feel strange, almost like your not suppose to be there yet.

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    Monday Nov 4th 1150 15 minutes from walking off the plane until we were headed to the bus. barely had time for a Red Stripe but managed.

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    Awesome! Thanks everyone. That solves my Club MoBay arrival decision. Probably wouldn't have done it anyway, but was still up in the air on it. 5 days to paradise!
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