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    Default Dunn's River Fall Question

    Hi! My husband and I are staying at Couples Tower Isle in May. This will be both of our first times out of the US! We are really looking forward to visiting the Dunn's River Fall. Does it cost anything extra or is that completely covered from the resort? When we booked through our travel agency they charged us $84 extra to go on the tour/entrance but now I am a little confused because it says on the Couples website that says "Fees for the guide, as well as entrance to the falls are included. Tips are discretionary." I just wanted to make sure they didn't accidently charge us for the tour/entrance to Dunn's River Fall if it was provided free from the resort. I hope that all makes sense. Thank you for any feedback! :-)

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    Get your money back , it's included in your vacation. You should tip the bus driver a few bucks and if you want to buy the group video, it's 40 dollars but you would pay for that dvd when they deliver it to the resort a few hours later.
    There is a shopping area at the end of the falls but you can avoid that. The only things you really need for the falls is your swimsuit, a towel, water shoes and maybe a few bucks for the bus driver, have fun!
    Dave is right, forgot about the guides, you should tip them too.
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    Your trip to the Falls is completely free when staying at Couples. We have always brought some money with us to tip the shuttle driver and the guides at the Falls. Bring a waterproof camera with you and avoid spending $40 for the DVD. Our friends bought the DVD and it was not worth the money IMO.

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    Just confirming what softail19 and DavenRach said... Get your money back, the trip to Dunns's Falls is included. I would also be a little suspect of your travel agent. I'm guessing they should know this up front. Hope it is just an oversight... You're going to love it at TI.

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