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    Default November 1 st - 8 th

    Hello, we are first timers. Would like to meet other visiting at the same time we are.

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    We are repeaters 2nd time to CSA. We will be there the 3-12. We would love to meet up with you and share a drink. We are also planning to go on one of the Pub Crawls if you want to join in the fun. It was a highlight of our last trip since we got to meet so many new people both on and off the resort.

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    Hi there,

    We are also first timers getting ready to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We'll be there October 30 - November 6. We can't wait to enjoy the water activities, walking the beach, hiking, exercising, exploring the area, and just nothing but lounging around!

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    Great, we are from Denver Metro area. Would be interesting to meet new people. I m John, my wife Kathy. As mentioned married 30 years, celebrating by visiting Jamaica. Tell us about yourselves.

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    Hi husband and I will be at CSA November 1-8 as well. This is our second trip to a couple's resort. We went to Couple's Sans Souci in December 2011 to celebrate our one year anniversary dating. We are now going to couple's to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! If Swept Away brings us even half of the enjoyment of Sans Souci then it will be another amazing holiday!

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    Hi Everyone...we will also be at CSA November 1-8! So excited. This will be our second trip to a Couple's resort. We stayed at CSS in December 2011 to celebrate our one year anniversary as a couple! This year we are heading back to Couple's to celebrate our first anniversary as husband and wife! If the memories we make this time around are even half as good as the ones we have from CSS it will be an amazing trip!

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    Hi, looking forward to meeting you. We will be there celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Hope we can get together for a chat

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