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    Can anyone tell me about the tennis programme at CN? How many courts, what is the surface, any resort pros, any visiting pros, organized round robins etc.? We normally go to CSA, but this time it's CN. We're not expecting the tennis to be the same as CSA, but just wondering about what's happening at CN. Will be there Nov. 25 to Dec. 4.

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    They are a deco-turf type surface (hard courts) kept in pretty good shape. I have never seen them all being used at once, but we tend to travel out of high season.
    There is a resident pro and very often a visiting pro. If you go to the CN sample activity schedules you can see when the round robins, tournaments, as well as private and group lessons take place.

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    If you got to this link and go about halfway down the page, there are pics of the tennis courts: Couples Negril — Amenities Album | -- Hotel Reviews and Photos There are a total of four courts, pretty much between Bldg 3 and the road. When we stayed in Bldg 3, we saw a pro out there with people almost every day. The courts are pretty nice, and, unlike CSA, a short walk to the beach for a cool down swim!

    Here is a link to the schedule of activities with a lot of tennis going on:
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