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    Default Couples - Now Sandals Barbados - question about room credits

    We are heading to Barbados in Dec. - Sandals is honouring all incentives that were offered by Couples at time of booking. Unfortunately, I forget if Couples offered any early booking bonuses or extra room credits over and above the $200 room credits given we are at the Passionate Level. No documentation states any thing - but don't think it would anyway. Memory is not so great. Anybody remember if there was anything offered at time of booking besides the $1000 airfare credit? Just want to be prepared when we arrive at Sandals.

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    I don't think so.. Be sure to print out the RR level you are at and print the description of what you receive at that level. Make sure you have your RR #.. Did you book at the time when the Barbados Tourist office was offering $200 per person credit to use outside the resort?

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    Hi beachsam. Thanks for your reply. I have learnt that there was a room credit incentive for travel after Dec. 31/13. When we are travelling, there was the $1,000 airfare credit. Yes, I have printed out my information about my Romance Level - think it's a good idea to bring it along. You know, you just reminded me about the Barbados Tourist office credits - we had originally booked just days before that promotion so missed out, but we ended up cancelling and rebooking when the rates lowered - so I bet we do qualify for that now. Will check into that right now! Thanks!

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    I'm wondering the same thing. If the resort had have stayed Couples, we would have gotten $100 resort credit and $200 per person to use outside the resort. I emailed Barbados Tourism Advisory and didn't hear back. Do we still get these incentives? If so, what do we need to do to make sure this happens? We leave for Barbados next week.

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    Well, I checked when we booked - missed out on the Barbados Tourism $'s by 1 week. Oh well.
    Kellyanne - these vouchers had nothing to do with Couples - it is through the Barbados Tourism Board so you will definitely get those.
    Room credits will be honoured by Sandals - my advice? Bring the paperwork so there is no confusion when you check in.

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