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    Default Misha Earle photographer

    I have been searching for a photographer for my July 2014 wedding at couples Negril and after reviewing several options I decided to go with Misha Earle. Has anyone else used her or plan to? How did everything turn out? I'm so excited as her work that I've seen looks beautiful!

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    Default CTI resort wedding photographer

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good wedding photographer at CTI?

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    Hi Lila. We used Misha for our wedding last April and LOVED her. She was fabulous. I love her artistic photos. She was a ton of fun and she captured our day beautifully. You will be so glad you chose her. Email me at and I will send some of our pics to you. The files are too large to upload here. Enjoy your day! You will have a fantastic wedding day, start to finish. They really know how to make your special day, all about you.

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    We used Diana Campbell with Digital Memories Collection, she was really resonable and did an awesome job! I was very happy with all my pictures and the video. Jamaica Wedding Photography Jamaica Wedding Photography, Jamaica Wedding Photographers

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