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    Default CTI vaca with family

    My sister and I were both at the Ellen show and were given a trip to couples tower isle. See, we're both single. Any tips on enjoying a couples resort with your sister??? (Hey, no can you say no to a trip to JAMAICA?!)

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    Do you have restrictions on when you can visit? It is a resort for couples. However, during high wedding season (summer) and the holidays (especially Christmas) there will be some adult families--so you may be more comfortable and have more fun then.

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    BTW-congratulations! I saw that Ellen was giving a trip to CTI away and thought it would be an awesome thing to win.

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    Um, good luck. It is "Couples". It is about 10 minutes from Ocho Rios, so nothing real close as place to go hang out. I hope you like being close as all the rooms have king beds.

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    Go and have fun and do a lot of the activities. I'm sure some people will think you are a gay couple, but they won't care. There is tons to do so experience all you can. Good luck and have fun!

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    The most important thing is that you will both be at a Couples. How much you care to discuss with other guests is entirely up to you. You will love every aspect of CTI. What goes on in your rooms is really no ones business unless you decide to tell them about it. CTI is a beautiful resort amd Jamaica is an equally beautiful country. Enjoy!

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    There was two sisters who came to CSS last December, they seemed to enjoy and went to SSB as well. Not sure there is any secret, just don't try and pick up anyone else's significant other. That could be a problem.

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    Free trip??? Of course take it!!! I guess the island is probably out of the question but I'm sure you'd have a great time anyway. Last time we were there there was a mother and daughter there together and they seemed to have a good time. My bet is no one else would even notice and you'd have a great time.

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    No Problem Mon. It's all good.

    Just keep in mind that this IS a couples themed resort. Everything you will do will be done as a couple.

    Some of the activities require getting on a signup sheet or reservations. The Eight Rivers and Bayside Restaurants require a reservation. Make these reservations at the concierge desk as soon as you arrive. The Catamaran Cruise is also a lot of fun. Get signed up for this while you are at the concierge desk also.

    We like the snorkeling. Space is limited and there is a signup sheet for this also. Sign up at the water sports shack on the beach.

    You might want to get out of your comfort zone and try the island. You must do this as a couple. It is not clothing optional or topless. You must get fully naked. There is a little bit of slack. We will not get undressed until we find out chairs. But then you must get completely undressed. If at any point you feel too uncomfortable, you can always get dressed and go back to the dock. The boat will come and get you in a matter of minutes. The people out there are just plain people. They won't stare. This is part of the resort and you should give it a try.

    The food is amazing. Again, keep an open mind. We take most of our meals at the Patio Restaurant. No reservations. Buffet. We take a little bit of what interests us then go back for more of the things we really like.

    There are some great off resort excursions. Golf is included, but we don't golf. You should really consider Dunns River Falls, which is included. Google it. Not included but worth trying is Dolphin Cove. Just cross the highway from Dunns River Falls. Expensive but amazing. Think Sea World Dolphin show with you in the water participating. Ocho Rios is where Bob Marley grew up. They have a tour going to his home. We are going to try this on our next trip. So many things to do. There is a tour desk in the lobby area. Have a look ans see if anything turns you on.

    The resort will have some sort of entertainment every night.

    After the main entertainment closes down the Piano Bar opens, around 10 PM. Lots of fun. Again, a good time to get away from your comfort zone and have some fun. A bunch of people sitting around a piano singing songs. The piano player stops around midnight. But the bar will stay open until the last person leaves. Take the time to look at the pictures on the walls. Some cool stuff.

    You will need to take some cash with you. A strongly enforced no tipping policy on the resort. But anytime you leave the resort tipping is expected. Your bus driver, tour guide, etc. You also tip the Catamaran cruise captain. So have enough smaller bills for this. 5's and 10's. There are also vendors selling trinkets on the beach most days. These vendors on the resort for the most part are low pressure. A little expensive, but don't be afraid to negotiate. If you are reasonable, they can be reasonable. You will need cash for this.

    You will need a credit card. On our first trip to Jamaica, our house sitter was called a few times by our credit card company about unusual charges. I now inform my bank that I am leaving the country and there will be charges on my card from unusual places. They flag my account to show that I am in Jamaica. One time we went another couple with us had their credit card frozen because of these unusual charges. Fortunately, they had another card.

    Pace yourself. Lots of alcohol. You don't want to be passed out in your room most of the time you are in paradise. You also don't want to spend too much time hung over in your room in paradise. It is very important to pace yourself so you can get the most out of your trip.

    We spend about 75% to 80% of our time in swimwear. Being more than one swimsuit. Bring more than one cover up. Things don't dry all that quickly in the tropical air.

    Bring lots of sunscreen and use it. Apply several times a day. We also bring some lip balm with as high of SPF rating as possible. On our first trip to Jamaica we both burned our lips badly. Apply lip balm as often as you apply sunscreen so your lips don't get burned.

    The beach is nice but there are some rock areas in the water. Aqua shoes can be helpful.

    There is an activity schedule on the Tower Isle portion of this website. You will also get a copy of this schedule when you arrive. But there are activities that are not included on this schedule. You will find a bulletin board in the entrance to the Patio Restaurant that is updated daily with the day's activities. Check this every day. I usually look at this at breakfast and again before lunch just in case there was an update.

    Most of all. keep an open mind and enjoy your trip to paradise.

    Only 90 days until we return to CTI. Getting closer.

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    I think the name should be your first clue on what the theme of these resorts is about. Maybe sell it to someone who has a s/o.

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    Gonna need a bucket of popcorn for this thread.

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    It is a resort for Couples, not singles (hence the name Couples).....

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    Reading some of these comments on this thread and other similar threads it amazes me the way some people think that they own the place just because they are multi repeaters. At CTI there are 234 rooms which means that there are roughly 468 guests at any given time. If you really think that a couple of sisters amongst 468 people are going to ruin your vacation then you have issues. If these types of guests start to be a problem, I am sure that it will be addressed by Randy/Couples Management. Bottom line, even as a 5 time repeater myself I claim no ownership and NO right to tell others what they can/cannot do. Remember everybody, we are considered "guests" when we visit Couples.
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    No singles allowed!
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    I think some of you are being a bit harsh on the OP.
    In MHO the "couples" and emphasis on romance is way over done. I agree with no singles, but who cares if the couple are friends, sisters, gay or whatever?

    I am sure the OP and her sister are not going to CTI to "steal" someone's husband or boyfriend.

    In my experience, and I have been to CN four times, I would say that most guests are there for a vacation without kids and the day to day hassle of life..not to gaze into one another's eyes....apart from newly weds.

    Just my take on this.

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    Did you both win a trip - as in 2 rooms, or just a trip together? Are your travel dates flexible? maybe you can hold off on booking and twist some lucky guy's arm to join you in paradise
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    We were at CSS in 2010 and meet two sisters that were there together...they were awesome people and they really enjoyed themselves. Its a vacation and no one cares......congratulations on winning. We will be at CTI over New Year's and are counting down the days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    Gonna need a bucket of popcorn for this thread.
    Haha!! I was thinking similarly.

    CTI is awesome...have fun!

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    CTI seems to be the go to place for Ellen. I recall last year on her final day of Christmas giveaway, a vacation for CTI was one of the prizes. Great exposure for the Couples brand. If you call to book and all is ok, then all will be ok. I think I have seen more issues noted on this message board on large groups being more of an issue with guests and their romance than a couple of sisters. I loved the above statement that we are all guests, I am sure a few special considerations won't impose on others. Just think, 2 more guests to spread the word of how wonderful these resorts are!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jannette View Post
    In MHO the "couples" and emphasis on romance is way over done.
    Five-Star Service Philosophy of Couples Only Resorts in Jamaica
    I don't see "a place to frolic with your sisters, cousins , or BFFs" in there.
    Quote Originally Posted by EricW View Post
    Reading some of these comments on this thread and other similar threads it amazes me the way some people think that they own the place just because they are multi repeaters.
    Maybe people come to this chain because of the mission statement/philosophy. There are TONS of AIs in Jamaica for some R&R time.

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    Personally, i don't have a problem, if there are a few non couples on resort. But like others have said, keep in mind it is designed for couples. The rare few times my wife and i were doing separate things, it felt almost awkward to be alone. On a slightly related note, i remember reading a thread awhile back where a whole family was talking about going to couples... A mom, dad, and 4 adult kids. So i don't think a pair of sisters is going to hurt anybody. No worries mon, go and enjoy!

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    Congratulations on your trip! I am a Couples newbie but the only thing I could find on the website about "couples only" was this: COUPLES ONLY All rooms are double occupancy unless you are traveling as part of a contracted group. In such event, single occupancy rooms may be requested, subject to availability, with the implicit understanding that there is no rate reduction or discount. Double occupancy rates will apply. Looks to me like singles are allowed.

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    Jeez who cares! I would bring my sister as we have traveled together and she's a blast. Go and have fun, I'm envious !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photocrazy View Post
    My sister and I were both at the Ellen show and were given a trip to couples tower isle. See, we're both single. Any tips on enjoying a couples resort with your sister??? (Hey, no can you say no to a trip to JAMAICA?!)
    You lucky girls! Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    Gonna need a bucket of popcorn for this thread.

    Now, that is funny!!

    But Seriously, You will have a great time!! Everyone there will welcome you.

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