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    After watching Survivor last night, I was thinking it would be great to have a daily Survivor Challenge at SSB. Now I did'nt get much past the idea, so I am asking SSB Fans to share your thoughts on immunity and reward challenges. Remember, you would'nt be wearing anything but the Official San Souci Survivor Buff!

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    One of the challenges could be..... have too many drinks in the afternoon and thaen try to stay on your lounge chair. If this was an event last lear, I would have been voted off the beach after the first round! My prize was a skinned knee for a week!

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    Default Survivor Sunset Beach

    What happened on the episode last night that inspired a "Survivor game"?

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    We could play connect the sand flea bites - whichever one looks most like the entwined palm trees wins! I'm still nursing two bites that I got at the end of July. Or you could have the best slip and fall trying to get out of the pool - I brought home a heckuva bruise on my butt as a souvenir! Also, Jheneal did a great job of ice chest riding down into the bar - perhaps we could try a similar ride down the grassy slopes? We are booking for July 14-21 at CSS - hubby and I are hoping to have lots of fun on SSB. Something to dream about for the next few months. July soon come!

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    paddle your bright white San Souci floatie against the White river current

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    David, that is truly a challenge! Dec. 2008, I thought that it would be fun to ride the current on a floatie. I managed to walk upriver far enough to have a short ride, then at the point I decided not to keep floating away, got off the floatie and struggled with all my might to get to shore. Really thought I was in trouble a couple times and ended up with a strained leg muscle. Humans are no match for water with a strong current! (I am NOT recommending this event for your SSB Challenge)

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    Ok, maybe something less strenuous. An endurance test for instance. remain seated at the swim up bar longer than your opponents, the rum punch is optional. Feb 2-10, 2010 but not packed yet

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