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    Default Looks like a return trip to CSA in May 2014 could happen!!

    We were lucky enough to go to Jamaica and CSA for the first time last May 2013 with 2 other couples and it was our best vacation ever. Me and the wife wanted to go back in 2014 but we really figured we would have to wait till 2015. Well over the weekend friends that we met while there at CSA decided to book a week there in May and here is where the ball began the roll and now it looks like the 6 of us may have a reunion at CSA earlier then expected!! I woke up this morning refreshed and excited, it is so great to now have something to look forward to!!

    I know it's been only 6 months since our last visit, but was wondering if there are any changes that I am not aware of at CSA?

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    Well it's official, my wife and I and another 3 couples officially booked our vacation to CSA on Tuesday! This is the first time returning to a same resort for us and we never even hesitated in doing it! I always tend to do all the research for a resort/vacation and it will be so sweet to not have to do any of that this time! No undo pressure put on myself to make sure I selected the right place to go!!! Now I just sit back and count the days till May 7th 2014!!!

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    Ooooh la-la...congrats on the upcoming return trip "home"!!!!! I'm so very excited for you guys!!!! We too were just there this past May (2013)...we actually got married right there on the beach about 2 feet from the water on the 11th. I wonder if we crossed paths at all, or perhaps even chatted at one of the resturants, or beach, or resort chin-digs, or what have you. We were there the 8th-14th. We were so hoping to return in May 2014, but finances will not allow, so as soon as the May 2015 dates/rates are open for booking, we are doing so with the help of the Love Away plan...yippee!!!! Btw, we had a beachfront suite (room 2230--building 39 I think...I bet we were the building next to you...there were 4 buildings between us and the Palms). Anyhoot, relax and enjoy...only 6 more months to go

    Gina & Jason

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    We check in May 17!! our second visit I less than a year!!

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