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    Ok I searched and searched and I can find anything past 2010. Me and my wife are planning our first trip to Jamaica and we are thinking about CSA as our destination. We are traveling off season in August.

    We are looking at the BFS or BFVS. we could care less about the tv so take that out of the picture. We are looking for a room that we can step off of our balcony / veranda (whatever its called ) and have our feet in the sand. We would also like to hear the sounds of the ocean at night without being eaten by bugs all night (I've read some rooms have screens and some do not). We know also hear that the BFS are in smaller buildings with larger Verandas than the BFVS is this still true? We are also looking for any other tips on room selection anyone could give us. Thanks in advance we are so excited about our trip and the more we read about CSA the more we want to have are toes in the water and a cold drink in our hands.

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    We will be returning Jan. 2014 for our 4th trip to CSA. We always book BFVS and get one of the corner rooms in the first 2 buildings (closest to Patios), 1st floor. We step off our verandah, walk a few steps across the sidewalk and are in the sand. The beach bar is right there as well. We set our chairs up within line of our room out on the beach. They now have keys to the verandah doors, so it is very convenient to walk back and access the room during the day..........for forgotten items or bathroom breaks. There are screens behind the shutters in the rooms. If you choose the 2nd or 3rd floor room, you can certainly leave your door open at night, but the walk to the beach will take more steps........the front doors are on the back of the building.

    BFVS is the room we prefer. Certainly their are other room category's that people love ! CSA is a top-notch resort, we love it and will always return. We've never been dissatisfied. If you read other posts you can find out information of things people prefer to do, places to eat etc. As long as you are doing what you want, you'll be happy.

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    You want the Premier Beachfront Suite. We stayed in one of these at our first trip to CSA. The second suite from the Palms restaurant. The steps were just a few feet from the sidewalk that follows the beach. The only downside is that in the morning, we were so close to the beach, we would be awakened by the activity near the beach. Not such a bad thing. These are the most expensive rooms on the resort. You must book early to get one of these rooms as there are not a lot of them and they are popular.

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    If money is no object, stay in the pbfs. They are the best rooms at csa imo. We've stayed in the bfvs , first and second floor, preferred the first floor. If you'd like a couple of pics , email me at

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    The BFVS rooms are in four buildings, each three stories high. All of the BFVS buildings are literally on the sand, separated from the beach by only a walkway. The views from the 3rd floor in these buildings is spectacular. Any other floor could have a partially obstructed view of the ocean due to the lush foliage. We stayed in a first floor BFVS room last year, and it was very nice to be able to walk from our verandah onto the beach. The BFS rooms are in two story buildings in the "older" section of the resort. All of these buildings are close to the beach, but some have a big stretch of lawn between the building and the beach. Again, views could be obstructed by foliage. We like to sleep with our verandah doors open in the BFVS rooms so we can listen to the sounds of the waves at night. There is glass on the windows of the BFVS rooms. However, the verandah doors do not have screens on them, so we have to use Off at night. The BFS rooms have screens on the windows, so you can listen to the waves at night without risking mosquito bites.

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    IMHO - from what you describe, the Premiers looked amazing. However, if only the BFS vs BFVS are in the budget I would opt for the BFS (buildings 37 & 38 if possible). They are literally in front of the sunset bar. Verandas on these are the same size as the Atriums (rocking lounger instead of hammock) and were much larger then the BFVS. We stayed in building 25 (Atrium) just last week and walked by these BFS rooms on the way to the beach.

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    We have been to CSA three times in December and have stayed in both the BFS and BFVS. I can not speak to August, but we could leave our doors open and you can hear the ocean from either room type. It is really a personal preference. I read in an earlier post that some people always get a certain room or section, we have not found that to be the case. See post on reserving rooms. It is a matter of personal preference here are some of differences we noticed.

    BFS, in the older section only two stories with four units, so you always have side opening. I would say window, but there are none, the side openings are screens with wooden shades that can be closed for privacy or if you want the A/C to cool the room down. You will also hear more of the beach and the people and depending on when you go to bed, the music from the weddings or the entertainment.

    BFVS is the newer section and have 12 units, 4 units by 3 stories, the outside units have side windows, the two interior units have only the doors to the patio.

    The BFS has a larger bathroom, not that it matters, and the PBFS have the great balconies and seem to be closest to the beach. It does take longer to cool the BFS with the A/C because of the screen and blinds vs. the windows.

    So it comes down to chance as to which bldg. We had a BFS our second year that was close to the palms and we could hear the music and other noises pretty late into the evening. They moved us closer to the middle of the resort and it was very quiet.

    On our first trip we had a 3rd floor BFVS end unit and we had great views. Last year we had a second floor, BFVS interior unit, there was plenty of light and we looked out on the ocean and it seemed more private.

    There are good points to both. I would say if you want more privacy, go with the BFVS. If you like to party late into the night and are OK with all the beach sounds, the BFS is really fun.

    There is no bad choice.

    Hope that helps

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