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    Default Just Returned From 4th trip to CN. Any questions?

    Just got back today from another wonderful trip to CN. It was a busy one:

    Airport lounge/shuttle
    Margaritaville shuttle
    One Love bus
    11 dives, including a night dive
    All restaurants/bars... almost
    Office of Nature
    Cat Cruise
    Building 1-Deluxe Garden-renovated room
    Repeater Cocktail/Dinner Party
    In-room breakfast
    Fitness Center
    Internet Cafe
    Short stints on beach at CSA to swap tanks
    Awesome staff

    ***Added: We also did Club MoBay on departure, which was disappointing at first, but turned out to be great.

    ***ADDED: Also, we had a run-in with a crocodile on the CN beach on Monday morning. It was a pretty crazy experience, but the thread I tried to create got moderated out. Not sure why. It was a pretty public thing, and I'll be posting links on TA, if they won't let it through here. A lot of people got pics and I shot it on my GoPro from the dive boat. It was actually pretty cool.

    As always, there was mostly good, little bad, and one thing that was kind of ugly. Feel free to ask whatever. I'll give you the actual truth. After every trip it becomes more apparent that some people on the MB have no clue what they're talking about.
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