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    Default Just Returned From 4th trip to CN. Any questions?

    Just got back today from another wonderful trip to CN. It was a busy one:

    Airport lounge/shuttle
    Margaritaville shuttle
    One Love bus
    11 dives, including a night dive
    All restaurants/bars... almost
    Office of Nature
    Cat Cruise
    Building 1-Deluxe Garden-renovated room
    Repeater Cocktail/Dinner Party
    In-room breakfast
    Fitness Center
    Internet Cafe
    Short stints on beach at CSA to swap tanks
    Awesome staff

    ***Added: We also did Club MoBay on departure, which was disappointing at first, but turned out to be great.

    ***ADDED: Also, we had a run-in with a crocodile on the CN beach on Monday morning. It was a pretty crazy experience, but the thread I tried to create got moderated out. Not sure why. It was a pretty public thing, and I'll be posting links on TA, if they won't let it through here. A lot of people got pics and I shot it on my GoPro from the dive boat. It was actually pretty cool.

    As always, there was mostly good, little bad, and one thing that was kind of ugly. Feel free to ask whatever. I'll give you the actual truth. After every trip it becomes more apparent that some people on the MB have no clue what they're talking about.
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    Do you have pictures of the renovated bathrooms?

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    Ok, I want to know what was the kind of ugly???

    Any word on who is replacing Ricardo as GM?

    Have they replaced Eels (the speed boat) yet? She's been broken down for much of our last 2 trips and they told us they were planning to get a new speed boat ... Hoping that soon comes to pass because Tanesha is not great for waterskiing / wakeboarding. Hope the watersports guys are doing well! Did you notice if England (Keneil) (or sometimes the guys call him London) is still there?

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    kellylm, I did get some photos, but there is a girl on the CN Facebook page that posted more extensive ones. I just took a pic of the negative edge that some people were complaining about, which I will post, when I get to my actual photos. I've been busy editing GoPro videos of our dives. The showers have no door, just a glass that only extends halfway across. The rest is open, so it's not fully enclosed. Instead of a traditional drain, there is a long floor drain that runs the length of the open edge. The shower heads are now big awesome rain-type heads that spray straight down.

    travelgirl, Wayne, the old Ops Manager is the new GM, and he started that position while we were there. They do not have the Mastercraft replaced yet, and the boat they were using for waterskiing was having some motor issues, but they were still using it. England is definitely still there, and he went on our night dive with us.
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    It was great to meet you guys there this time. We never did catch up for some cribbage, but we will next year! It was such a blast, again! Glad to know Wayne is going to be the new GM...he will do great things for CN for sure!

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    Can you elaborate on Club Mobay? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleversole View Post
    It was great to meet you guys there this time. We never did catch up for some cribbage, but we will next year! It was such a blast, again! Glad to know Wayne is going to be the new GM...he will do great things for CN for sure!
    It was great meting you too, and glad to see Chuck is doing well! Can't wait to see you again next year!

    Quote Originally Posted by lynzee View Post
    Can you elaborate on Club Mobay? Thanks!
    Our flight was at 11:50a on Tues, so we weren't really using Club MoBay to get past lines, of which there were literally none. We were really looking forward to the comfortable seating, food & drink, free wifi, and A/C. When we first arrived, we were hoping to grab some lunch before our long journey home, but at 10a, all they had was cereal, fruit, bagels, and muffins, although the open bar is very nice, and we did get several well-crafted cappuccinos. We were getting hungry and very annoyed, figuring we could have paid the same for real food at Margaritaville, as we had always done in the past. Having heard from others that they usually had little sandwiches and stuff, I asked the guy manning the food station if they were bringing anything better out, and he just laughed ad told me to wait a few minutes. At 10:30a, the food quickly changed over to beef and chicken patties, sushi rolls, finger sandwiches and wraps, and these really awesome tapas. So, we ended up with our own couch, a big screen TV, A/C, wifi, gourmet coffee, AND really good food. It went from disappointing to awesome pretty quickly.
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    ***ADDED: Also, we had a run-in with a crocodile on the CN beach on Monday morning. It was a pretty crazy experience. It was a pretty public thing. A lot of people got pics and I shot it on my GoPro from the dive boat. It was actually pretty cool.

    I've heard about gettin "croced" in Negril, but what the heck is this?????

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    Just a couple notes regarding this trip:

    1) The only thing renovated in Building 1, and soon to be 2, is the bathrooms. They also have a new A/C unit (same style though) and a different color bedspread.

    2) It's amazing how many Repeaters, and there were A LOT while we were there, have no idea that the in-room morning coffee is exponentially better than what you get at Cassava. No matter if you choose to do the food to your room or not, if you are a coffee drinker, you are doing a great disservice to yourself if you don't order the in-room High Mtn coffee.

    3) People who haven't been are under the assumption that Margaritaville is a tourist trap. This is not the case. Other than the fact that a Red Stripe is about $5, it's actually a pretty cool shuttle to take. It picks you up around 5p, and there are three return shuttles at 7p, 8p, and 9p. The night we went we had an awesome sunset, a DJ, and a bonfire on the beach. It was a really good time and we met some cool folks from CSA. Nobody harasses you for anything.

    4) The One Love bus is a MUST DO. The first stop was at a woman's home, who had set up free snacks and buckets of beer and mixed drinks for $3 each in her kitchen. Grace Lee is a very impressive woman and it's important to ask her about her background. While we were there, it started to rainn and school was just getting out. We had the amazing experience of witnessing a little boy, maybe 7 years old, stop to help his little sister put her raincoat on right in front of Grace's home. It was one of those indescribable things that happens once in a lifetime. Priceless. The other stops are great locations, too, and all of them are in the West End. From her home, we went to Sunset After Dark, On The Rocks, No Limits, Xtabi, Negril Escape, and finished off at Belladonna with free homemade pizza.

    5) If you are a diver, the filling station at CN is currently down, so after most dives, we stopped at CSA to swap tanks. It was only an extra 10-15 mins added on to the outing, and it's pretty cool to see some of the differences, which brings me to my next point.

    6) I've come to realize that anyone who feels that CN is rundown or outdated, just doesn't understand the concept behind the only resort that Couples built from the ground up. Especially after spending some time at CSA. The concept behind CN is a "tropical boutique"-style resort. It's not supposed to have that "luxury look", like all the gaudy Roman columns at Grand Palladium or Iberostar. If you really pay attention, it's actually a well-crafted concept and totally makes sense, if you get it. When you are at CN, it's very laid back. If someone is so uptight that they complain about it needing to be updated, they just don't get what the resort is supposed to represent and is better off going somewhere else anyway.

    7) The staff are amazing, and if you treat them with respect, they will return the favor 10 times over. If you are a pain in the butt and act like they owe you something, just because you paid to come down there, you may feel they are beneath you, but in reality, you are the lesser human being. That's an inarguable fact. Sure, there were a couple guys that had crappy attitudes, but I was still nice to them, because that's how I would expect to be treated in my hometown or place of business.

    8) Already planning trip number 5 and curious about something... Do any of you happen to be my long-lost rich aunt or uncle???? LOL
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    dank120 well said, I couldn't agree with you more on #6. You did a great job explaining that special "feel" CN has.
    Also #7, the people & Couples employees in Jamaica are a big reason we come back. They definetly deserve our respect and appreciation!

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    I agree as well and especialy with number 6 too. I think what most people consider "outdated" I consider that to be the charm of CN. It feels comfortable....I like that it doesn't look "Brand New" the rooms are clean and efficient. The resort is beautiful. Anyone who can think anything less than that doesn't appreciate the natural beauty that CN possesses. We love it and are looking forward to our 6th trip next year. I don't want it to change. Not sure I would like it if it did. I love it just as is!

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    I so agree with #6 and #7! We tried something different in 2012 and went to Mexico. Yes the resort was all spiffy and shiny and modern but also a bit cold you know? And it felt like we were vacationing with college kids on spring break instead of adults only who paid a decent amount of money for an all inclusive. We tried to strike up conversations with other guests as well as staff...because that is what you do at Couples...but we just seemed to get shiny cold stares and responses back.

    CN is not worn is well loved and honestly very well maintained. Humidity and tropical storms tend to give buildings a worn look...haven't these people who complain ever been to Florida???

    I think my money is well spent based on how I am family and no better or worse because I can't afford the butler
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    I love the #6 comment and we love CN, even after we have gone to CSA a couple of times.

    Somewhere on the Couples site is a history and I thought I read that they experimented and finally came up with the faded bluish/green color (I'm not good at describing the paint color) for the buildings to make them look older then the were. I thought that was interesting.

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