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    I want to have a couples massage on the beach!! Does CSA have this option? I know from our previous trip that couples negril does have this option. I just can't seem to find any info on the website about different places to have a couples massage.
    Thanks so much in advance

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    I don't think it's an option at CSA...I use the spa about 4-5 times per trip. Their masseuses are FABULOUS though!!

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    We have asked on several trips and this is not an option at CSA. I really wish it was. The best alternative we have enjoyed is having a massage on our verandah. We always get a beachfront atrium suite. If you book your massage in the afternoon you can often luck into listening to the ocean and an afternoon shower of liquid sunshine. It's really great. I have heard some have issues with other loud noises nearby during their massage, guess we've never had that issue. Looking forward to a massage on our verandah in 7 months!

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    The first thing I do as soon as I have a room number is book all my spa appointments for the 10 days we're there. Have to make sure I get all the time I want with my favorite therapist!!

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    They have the massage hut on the beach but I've never seen anyone use it. I wouldn't want that over the spa anyway though. That place is so nice we never wanna leave. We always try to go at least 3 times while there.

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    Sublime, I'm with you! My only objection would be that occasionally the noise from the sports complex bar spills over into my tranquil zone.

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