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    Hello all,
    We are going to CSS in February. I'm wondering which side of the bus should I sit? I would like to see the ocean. I know a crazy question. As my mother would say, I get all turned around!
    One Love,

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    You will want to be on the left side
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    Left side but normally it's only a 1 person seat on that side.

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    Left side. Bus travels east and the ocean is to the north.
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    The left side of the bus when going from the airport to CSS.

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    You should sit on the "passenger" side of the bus, which means the left side in Jamaica. Have a wonderful trip...we were just there a couple weeks ago and already ready to return!

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    Sit on the left.
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    Ocean will be on your left, but it really doesn't matter. You'll be able to see fine on either side, the bus isn't that big. I like the right side to look up into the mountains and watch the hawks. (it's a long ride)

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    Sit on the left side to the resort and the right side back to the airport. Also, try to get a right side seat on the flight in so you can see the island when landing.

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    Left side.

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    Going to CSS you want POSH - Port Out and Starboard Home - that is left passenger side to CSS and right driver side back to the airport.

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    Thanks guys. First time to CSS. We are looking forward to it!!
    One Love,

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    left side, usually just a van so it really does not matter.

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