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    with interest i have been reading the post about proper attire. yes, packing and having the appropriate duds can be confusing. i always bring tons of stuff just to ensure that i'm prepared and fit in. i spend 10 days every year at SA and only bring a small carry on. my technique which is completely reliable but a little unconventional will now be revealed. the day of departure i lay out all my dinner oufits (10) and begin to layer them on one at a time. the last 3 or 4 layers require my companions help to complete but when finished i am ready for take off with no checked baggage or baggage lines. i arrive ready for any fashion challange.

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    With the airline we use, we each have 1 checked bag included with the cost of airfare. This is included whether we use it or not. Your method wastes this inclusion. We don't get any discount for not using the included checked bag.

    For us, most everything is packed in our checked bags. Doing it this way, we do not need to lug around a heavy carry on bag around the airport or on the airplane. Our carry on only has items that we will actually want during the flight. All our carry on may contain is our boarding passes, passports, paper and pens, a deck of cards, a book, and maybe some extra snacks for the trip. A lot lighter to carry around than everything you will use for 10 days.

    Once our bags are checked, we will only need to handle the bag between the baggage claim at Sangster to the Couples Lounge. Other than that, we don't need to lug all of our stuff around. We won't touch our bags until they are delivered to our room.

    The price of the first checked bag is included in most airline tickets. Why are you wasting this?

    Even if the checked bag is not included. You just spent $5000 to $7000 on a first class vacation. Why are you getting so cheap now and not checking a bag so you won't need to lug so much stuff with you?

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    Too funny

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    Dang, lots of MAD attitude being slung around these days.

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    I am hoping the OP was joking about wearing everything needed, although we have thought about doing this ourselfs as more and more airlines are charging for luggage . I also understand not having to lug things with you at the airport, but would sugest that everyone pack at least what they need the first day in a carry on incase your bag is delayed.

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    My wife ALWAYS pushes the 50 pound limit. I usually carry her makeup in my bag.

    Life is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    My wife ALWAYS pushes the 50 pound limit. I usually carry her makeup in my bag.

    Life is good
    I hear that!
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    Boy, talk about going over the head? Dot, I used to do the same thing until I took up Scuba..... It got real hot with the wet suit on!!!

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    I am wearing a pair of spandex shorts under my black gym pants on the plane. That way I can just pull of the pants, slip on my flip flops before I get off the plane....we are coming from Michigan so it will be cold when we board in Michigan.

    I can't even imagine wearing 10 outfits at once....

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    One of the best travel purchases I ever made was a digital luggage scale. My bags have all come in at 49.8 lbs ever since!

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