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Thread: 1962 recipe ?

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    Default 1962 recipe ?

    Can anyone help? Here in the dregs of a Midwest winter I long for a little taste of our beloved CN.
    So of course booze seems to be the answer for now, until we can book again. One of my favorite drinks was the "1962", which I discovered as "drink of the day" once last year. Does anyone have the recipe on this one? Or if you are lucky enough to be there in heaven right now, can you get it for me? Thank you in advance, and if we ever wind up at the pool bar together, drinks are on me.

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    Default one knows.
    So since this topic, drink recipes comes up a lot on this board, here's a though. Admin......what about a permanent link to the drink recipes that we all love. I think as far as marketing it would be a no-brainer.
    Every time we made a drink at home we would be revisiting the brand! We would long to "be home" again. Come on anyone else on board with this?? I know there are threads out there that are old pictures of the "drink list". I think Couples could do a slick professional link easily.
    Thanks Admin.

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    I like it

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    1 ounce over proof rum
    1 ounce appleton rum
    1 ounce apricot liqueur
    1 ounce amaretto
    2 ounce orange juice
    splash clear syrup

    This, and some others, are posted on the Couples Facebook page
    CN 6/12
    CN 7/13
    Next Trip ???

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    Thanks mattfahey!!!!

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