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    Default Snorkling Gear at CSA, especially the fins are in bad shape. May 2013

    We were at CSA in May 2013 and the snorkling gear is in bad shape. The fins especially women's size 7 and men's size 8 are all dry rotted and tore. Do you all plan on replacing them any time soon. We usally bring our on gear, but this year we left our fins at home so it would not take up so much suit case room.

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    We have our own snorkeling gear, too, so we just bring it, including the fins. You can find custom bags to carry your gear, including fins, at almost any dive shop, that way the fins are not taking up space in your luggage. Bob will carry on the snorkel gear along with a small rollerboard. Of course, we like to snorkel every day, even near the beach, so we are kind of crazy about having our own gear.

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    Me and my wife always buy our snorkelling gear at Walmart before every trip for about 20 dollars. Usually just the mask and snorkel. We always leave it in our room when we head back to reality. Seems to work for us, not a big fan of renting used stuff!!

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    We always bring our own snorkeling gear. We walk down to the public beach early in the morning. We swam with a stingray last March. I think it's worth packing.

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