can I possibly accomplish anything at work in these last days before CSS?? 4 days, 21 hours, 27 minutes...and I am here at work on a Friday afternoon losing my mind! I am already on vacation as far as my mind goes!!

I haven't packed anything...but I do have a packing list and that is what the weekend is for, right? I have some Ting and if I add a little gin...or maybe add a little Ting to the gin...the packing will be done in a short time! It seems like we were just planning and debating and now here it is!!

Arrangements are coming together for Jana while we are gone and I am starting to feel better--had a recheck at the Dr. this morning. Russ bought me a little baby laptop computer with a 13" screen so I can check in with Holly and Emily to reassure myself they are OK too.

I am soooooo EXCITED!! Wednesday--CSS here we come!!