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    Default Hibiscus Cottage

    Wwe have booked the cottage and wondered if anyone has stayed there and had any comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcrss52 View Post
    Wwe have booked the cottage and wondered if anyone has stayed there and had any comments.
    We are staying there Oct 22-29th so we will have a review and pics and all of that good stuff up after our stay. Probably in early November.

    I have only heard good things though
    Oct 22nd - Oct 29th CSS -- Hibiscus Cottage

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    It's Wonderful!!!!!!!
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    We actually booked this room for November, but after staying at CSS in a Penthouse suite, we decided that the extra money was not worth it, for us anyway, for the following reasons: The suite is next to at parking lot and alot of in-and-out activity, making it not really all that "private." Secondly, the suite was next to (I believe) a private residence with a dog that we heard barking every time we ventured over to that end of the property. And lastly, the suite was a loooong walk from every thing else in the property.

    There is no doubt that the Hibiscus Cottage is a gorgeous suite. We talked to a couple that was upgraded from a penthouse suite to the Hibiscus and they liked it and the only complaint they had was that the hot tub was too hot!

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