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    I love the chic bathroom - wondered if any vanity space left around sinks? I think the new design should change the room type - it's more of a suite now than a one-bedroom with separate living room. The couch and chair don't look as inviting as before, but we can make do. Curiosity - closet space?

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    I know Couples cannot make everyone happy but we loved the Beachfront rooms just the way they were.We dislike all this modern furniture. We are going to CSS this December. Maybe we will still get one of the old rooms. We used to love Tower island's rooms before they refurbished. The first time we went to CTI the rooms had all dark, rich wood, 4 poster beds with Emerald Green bedspreads. They were beautiful. Now everything is modern and just like any other hotel you go to. Oh well, we don't spend that much time in the rooms anyway.

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    Default Room Redo

    Quote Originally Posted by JackieMRP View Post
    First thing I thought of when I saw the bathroom pic !!

    I am glad to see some work done to the rooms there, but I am sorry to see the dark wood furniture departing (except for the night stands ??). Can't say that yucky color wicker stuff does anything for me -- it certainly doesn't scream "charm".
    Just saw the pictures of the new model room. We like the bathroom, but the furniture in the bedroom and living room looks really cheap. The couch is such an ugly color and does not look like it will hold up well. Hopefully, management will come up with something better before doing all the rooms.

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    Hi all
    I just came back from Ocho Rios and I saw new CSS model room.
    I have to admit it looks so much better in person.
    in the pictures colors are off and even the room feels less cozy than it is.
    I have asked the resort photographer to take new pictures and I will be posting them soon.
    Irie i
    Ivonna Szelerska
    Couples Resorts

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    As promised more pictures. I think the colors are closer to the actual ones.
    I still feel that the pictures don't do justice, especially the bathroom.
    Somehow the pictures don't truly showcase the simple chic elegant look and feel of the actual room that I saw.
    I guess you will have to find out by yourself

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    Looks great!! We have stayed in A/B block 6 times, with the 7th coming in 87 days.

    I am looking forward to not locking my wife in the bathroom by simply leaving the closet door open!!!!
    I'm sure many couples know exactly what I am talking about....


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    Quote Originally Posted by CSS4US View Post
    Looks great!! We have stayed in A/B block 6 times, with the 7th coming in 87 days.

    I am looking forward to not locking my wife in the bathroom by simply leaving the closet door open!!!!
    I'm sure many couples know exactly what I am talking about....

    BANG!! Been there, done that! "I'm trying to get stuff out of the safe!!!". The new layout looks great to me.

    Scott and June

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    I have to agree that I really dislike the color of the wicker. And it certainly does not match the blue and white. Maybe once it's completed they'll have a better color combo since this really is just a "test version". 33 days til paradise!!
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    I would put in a request for more shelf / drawer / closet space in any remodel
    We usually come for 10-12 days and there is not really enough room to put your clothes up
    We bring hangers that we leave in the room when we go home so that my wife has enough for her dresses for dinner
    but there is not enough space for swim suits, shorts, t shirts, lingerie, etc
    more space for that would be great. Could easily be added shelf space in the closet

    thanks for the pics


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    Thanks for the pics! Personally, I really like the fresh look of the reno. Too bad the other buildings in addition to A and B couldn't be updated this summer!

    The double loungers that are on the balconies really need their cushions replaced, unless maybe that is done on an as-needed basis?

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    A couple questions:

    First set of completed pics shows cabinets in bath as wood tone. 2nd set shows them painted white. I surely hope that the intent is to maintain the wood tone. Compare the pics and you will see the wood tone looks SO much better. Anyone know which set is most current?

    Where is the closet now? in the hallway? Bath entrance in the hall too? Hope there is appropriate lighting at closet and safe, as well is closet space. Anyone see if closet is at least as large as the old layout?? where is the minibar? looks like there is something along the wall just down from the loveseat, is that the minibar. Never liked it being way out by the door. Would be much better in the living area near the living room/balcony.

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    i for one prefer the old room. the doors between the bedroom and sitting room, the tub in the bathroom, the older tropical feel. if they were going to change it up, why did they use the old bedding?

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    i actually do not want one of these renovated rooms. i like the bedroom/sitting room doors. they blocked out the sun so i could sleep and made our place seem better as it felt like a true 1 bedroom.

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    We are going to CSS in Nov 2014. Will the beachfront suites be remodeled by then?

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    We hate to be negative as we truly love Couples (having been to all four resorts and being faithful repeaters), but we felt we really needed to air our opinion on this change. We LOVED the layout and the amenities of the old rooms and are rather sad about the changes that have been made. The one plus is the closet door/bathroom door/safe door issue being resolved, but otherwise everything else is a negative for us rather than a positive. We loved having the bedroom partitioned off from the rest of the rooms and also having the bathroom right next to the bedroom instead of going down the hall to get to it. In the bathroom, we liked the enclosed shower and are not fond of these wide open ones with very little partition. We also loved having the vanity area in the bathroom, and it does not look like they kept that. We are also disappointed in the choice of sinks used in the bathroom as we have had trouble with that type of sink at CTI. They are not user friendly at all. We also loved that the bed was open on both sides in the old room, but now it looks like the one side is very close to the wall. Honestly, these rooms as they were previously were what brought us back to CSS and made it our very close 2nd choice to CSA. We do still love CSS and will come back, but we will no longer love the rooms and will only tolerate them now.

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    Oh come on, it's not like they're moving in mobile homes and turning it into a trailer park. These are improvements: fresh paint, new furniture, updated shower, new tile, etc. It'll all be okay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    Oh come on, it's not like they're moving in mobile homes and turning it into a trailer park. These are improvements: fresh paint, new furniture, updated shower, new tile, etc. It'll all be okay.
    It's hard not to be. CSS had something the other resorts didn't. it really felt like you were in a tropical haven of old. the bedrooms were just fantastic. why choose these rooms now? there is no difference between these rooms and those of any other nice resort in the area.

    Couples... PLEASE BRING BACK THE PARTITIONS. and leave the jacuzzi tub!! the diagonal placement of the bed was incredible too!. the blocked of shower was fantastic for us as well (much more privacy!).

    Why did you through out everything good along with the bad? couldn't you just have upgraded the styling of the rooms? without eliminating all the stuff we loved? did you not ask your guests what they would like to see before you made the changes? the soft cozy seating has been replaced by horrible and hard wicker. come on CSS. we loved your rooms for a reason.

    please reconsider and bring back the elements the guests loved!

    You can keep the sink and upgraded look. but keep the elements we loved:
    diagonally placed beds
    partition for the sleeping area
    plush seating instead of hard wicker
    jacuzzi tub (triangular)
    private shower

    I don't know who's idea it was to throw out the baby with the bath water, but it wasn't a good or successful one.

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    Having never been to CSS, I can't say what I did or didn't like about the rooms. However, one of the reasons my fiance and I chose the beachfront room was because of the jacuzzi tub. Now, mind you, I don't plan on spending my vacation in the tub, but it's a nice option. We arrive on April 26th and I'm hoping for a room with a tub and minimal construction noise!

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    Since it looks like they replaced most of the furniture, did they get new mattresses? When we were there a year and a half ago, the mattresses were rather old and firm. We like a soft bed!

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    It sounds like a lot of people who Love CSS, loved the Beachfront rooms the way they were, including us. Couples could save themselves a lot of money by just putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and new mattresses in lieu of tearing down walls and replacing furniture. It's not too late. Only one room has been completed. We will still Love CSS for a lot of other reasons.

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    We have looked at the sample room pictures numerous times hoping that the new look would grow on us but..... We are disappointed that the old world charm or plantation vibe is being replaced with such minimalistic and modern decor. We are not fans of the modern, clean lined look. We like the warm wood tomes and the rich marbles in the old bathrooms. To us, the wicker looks cheap - something you put on your outdoor deck and bought from a discount store. We have appreciated that Couples offered distinct looks depending on which resort you picked but these new decor selections seems to be going in the same direction for all remodel projects at all properties. We do hope that some decor finalization will be tinkered allowing diversity between resorts and at CSS keeping the traditional old style charm.

    Jeff & Denise
    SDR 09/09
    CSS 09/10, 09/11, 09/12, 09/13, 9/14

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    We too prefer the original beachfront suite. Please rethink this renovation. Loved the partitions, the jacuzzi tub and the separate vanity in the bathroom.
    One Love, Gloria

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    We, too, like the old style much better than the new redo. Hopefully since this is a "test" room, they can keep the good from the current style and make subtle improvements without changing the tropical vibe of the rooms. Usually we like wicker, but these pieces do look kind of cheap to us.

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    A compromise would be nice......... If they have to get rid of the nice, dark, classier (British West Indies-style) furniture & go to the wicker look, maybe a dark wicker would look nicer & a little less cheap/tacky.

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    No matter what Couples would have done to the rooms they would not have made everyone happy. Be glad that they are actually putting money into the resort to spruce it up. I mean really how much are you in your rooms? To sleep and cleanup for meals. Give them a break, If they wouldnt have done anything people would complain they need to do some updating. Relax and enjoy the beach and sun and have NO worries MON........
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