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    Default Annual Charity Golf Tournament?

    I just looked at the calendar for January 2010. It says there is a golf tournament on the 17th. Is this in Ocho? Anyone have any info?
    Also, we will be at CTI for the anniversary party weekend. What is planned?

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    The annual golf tourney is in Ochi and benefits several local organizations, a school and a boys home as I recall.

    The resort provides transportation and eats and refreshments at the course. You have to use a caddie and I rented quality clubs at a reasonable price at the golf course. It is good time. I think registration, caddie and tip, and club rental came in at under $150 US.

    The guest who heads the tournament up is Gene Sacks. I couldnt find his email address. You can sign up when you get to the resort or call Mr. Henry at CTI and maybe they can give you more info.

    The anniversary week has many returning guests and the staff showcases food, ice carvings, steel drum band, special dinners for repeaters, etc...

    We arrive on the 14th and look forward to seeing you then.

    Warren & Carolyn

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    The Couples CTI Charity Golf Tournament is on January 17, 2010 at Upton in Ochi. The anniversary party for CTI is Saturday, January 16, 2010

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