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Thread: October 2014

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    Jim & Ellen from Shrewsbury, Pa. This will be our sixth trip to Couples Negril. We love it there. We will be there October 21 thru October 28

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    Sherry & Steve Oct 12-19! First time to Negril, second time to a Couples. Celebrating 33 years of marriage and Steve beating lung cancer!

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    We are going Oct 24 to Oct 31st - 3rd time for us 6th time Jamaica - hit San Souci, Grand Lido and Iberostar.
    Anniversary is Oct 19th but company this year so won't be there for that - 40th for us.
    We are going to hit the Rum Tour this year - heard it was good time and interesting.

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    Default Depends on what you are doing during the day

    [QUOTE=Foghat68;247991]Stan & Kelli. Our first trip to CN for our 25th anniversary. We will be there 10/18 - 10/25.

    We are excited about our trip, but concerned that nightlife may be lacking. Any thoughts?

    Allot of it depends on how much Beach, Drinking and Sun time you have.
    We get up about 730 - Eat Breakfast and walk beach about 2 hrs.
    10:30 Bar opens and we hit the pool and drink unless we go snorkling, scuba etc
    There are trips during day - we are hitting the Rum Tour & Y falls this year.

    Dependent on what time you are done before you go to room for dinner, you can be wiped out due to Sun and Drink
    Couples has Piano Bar and assorted other things from 7:30 to about 1 am but we usually were tired by then.
    Unless you don't want some alone time with Wife - that can take couple of hours since you have only been married 25 years.

    You could possibly hit some local bars on Pub Crawl but that is over about 7pm

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    We are coming with friends 10/18 to 10/25. This will be all ours first trip to Jamaica and also our first time at Couples. We are looking forward to it.

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    Default first timers

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    Default honeymoon!

    9/27 to 10/4, Jason and Erin, Cincinnati OH, first trip to Jamaica (Honeymoon!)
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    This will be our first trip to CN Oct 18-25. Can't wait
    Tom & Janna
    Jenny & Frank

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    Hello! My fiancé and I will be coming down to CN for our wedding October 5th - 12th. Our honeymoon will also run concurrent with our trip down here. We cannot wait to come down and enjoy everything and just relax on our very special day! Our names are Mark & Laura and if you see us down there feel free to buy us a drink ;-)... This will be our first trip to a couples resort and Jamaica so we are very excited! Let us know if there are certain "ins and outs" or "musts" we should do when we are down there!

    Looking forward to seeing you all down there!

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    Jonathan and I (Paige) will be visiting Couples Negril for the first time on October 13-October 17! We'll be spending our honeymoon on the beach and are so excited! What does everyone think the weather will be like, also, any first timer advise given would be appreciated! Looking forward to meeting some fantastic couples!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike@Debbie View Post
    Mike and Debbie from St. Charles, Mo just booked our trip. We will be returning to Couples Negril for our 2nd visit, Oct. 11 - 18. Our first visit to CN was Oct. 2013. This will be our 9th visit to Jamaica.
    Update. We have convinced our friends Dennis and Brenda to join us. This will be their first trip to Couples Negril, first trip to Jamaica, and first trip out of the country.

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    Larry & Shari from MI. We will be there 10/25-11/1 This will be our 9th trip to CN

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    We will also be there October 10-15. 4th trip to CN!! Can't wait !!

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    10/5 - 10/12- Ed & Lena, Joliet, IL- 10th visit to CN! Can't wait!

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    10/25-11-2 K & K from Wisconsin - just booked our third trip (second to CN, first was HM to CSS) if we could just get our Romance Rewards straightened out!

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    Jane and Rock heading back to CN with my son and his girlfriend this is our 4th time and their 1st!
    Come say hi and do a Bob Marley shot with us!
    October 10th through 17th from St. Louis, MO

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    Hey Guys, myself and my new husband Ciaran are flying in on September 30th for two weeks for our honeymoon. Were flying from Ireland so I hope someone has a relaxing drink ready for us!!!

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    Mason and Sandy here. We will be at CN 9/30 - 10/5 for our first time on our honeymoon. Just a few weeks away! Cant wait!

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    Negril Here we come!!!! .... Booked a 10 day split stay 5 days in Negril October 14-19 ..
    Then 19-24 at Sunset Beach .... ☀️ Can't wait!!
    Dennis & Robin
    Jed & Heidi looks like we will miss each other by a couple of days ..

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    Updated list
    Sorry, I fell down on my job
    (in my defense, I am not paid for this job and it is a self-appointed position)

    The good news is that there are several folks to add to the list and lots of you are getting close to leaving for our home in Jamaica

    Also congrats to Jason & Erin, Ciaran & Jennifer, and Mason & Sandy on their wedding / honeymoons this week

    Dennis, Sorry to miss you and Robin
    I know you will love your time at CSS / SSB!
    Save a few drinks for us in Negril and make sure to tell Jhaneal, Veronique, and Tanisha hi from us at the SSB swim up bar

    9/26 to 10/3, Bbref, Jeff & Patti, Springfield IL, ? visit to Couples
    9/27 to 10/4, MikeandLA, Mike & Leigh Ann, Charlotte NC, 4th trip to Couples
    9/27 to 10/4, erin_j, Jason & Erin, Cincinnati, 1st visit to Couples
    9/29 to 10/6, juleyjeff, Jeff & Juley, Ontario, 1st visit to Couples
    9/30 to 10/5, masonsandy, Mason & Sandy, Odessa TX, 1st visit to Couples
    9/30 to 10/13, jennifer84, Ciaran & Jennifer, Ireland, 1st visit to Couples
    10/4 to 10/11, jenlaz, Jimmy & Jennifer, Arvada CO, 3rd visit to Couples
    10/5 to 10/12, SchueRN, Ryan & Kate, Quincy IL, 1st visit to Couples
    10/5 to 10/12, hunter4574, Mark & Laura, Wever IA, 1st visit to Couples
    10/5 to 10/12, montalena, Ed & Lena, Joliet IL, 10th visit to Couples
    10/8 to 10/13, Matisjam, Steve & Meghan, StL, 10th visit to Couples
    10/8 to 10/13, *****, Ron & Chris, StL, 1st visit to Couples
    10/10 to 10/15, bamafishers, ? & Julie, Woodstock AL, 4th visit to Couples
    10/10 to 10/17, janiejane, Rock & Jane, St Louis, 4th visit to Couples
    10/11 to 10/18, Mike@Debbie, Mike & Debbie, St Charles MO, 2nd visit to Couples
    10/11 to 10/18, ****, Dennis & Brenda, St Charles MO, 1st visit to Couples
    10/12 to 10/19, steveareno, Steve & Sherry, Freemont NE, 2nd visit to Couples
    10/13 to 10/17, Paigeandjonathan, Jonathan & Paige, Macon GA, 1st visit to Couples
    10/14 to 10/19, denrad69, Dennis & Robin, Green NY, ? visit to Couples
    10/16 to 10/23, sierrahiker68, Bill & Paulette, Auburn CA, 1st visit to Couples
    10/18 to 10/25, Foghat68, Stan & Kelli, TX, 1st visit to Couples
    10/18 to 10/25, tom57, Tom & Janna, Fredricksberg VA, 1st visit to Couples
    10/20 to 10/27, mjennifer, Mike & Jen, Wickliffe Ohio, 5th visit to Couples
    10/21 to 10/28, ellen49, Jim & Ellen, Shrewsbury PA, 6th visit to Couples
    10/24 to 10/31, tom&jo, Tom & Jo, Anna Ohio, 3rd visit to Couples
    10/24 to 11/1, atlantaceyes, Reed & Gerta, Virginia Beach VA, 1st visit to Couples
    10/25 to 11/1, larry&shari, Larry & Shari, Jonesville MI, 9th visit to Couples
    10/25 to 11/2, kebopat, John & Kelly, NY, 4th visit to Couples
    10/25 to 11/2, hisgoosiegirl, K & K, Wisconsin, 3rd visit to Couples
    10/28 to 11/4, razorback, Tommy & Mona, NE Arkansas, 7th trip to Couples
    10/29 to 11/2, jed, John & Heidi, Miami, 10th visit to Couples

    Soon come....
    I can almost hear the tree frogs


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