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    I think we have finally decided to go 5 days to CTI and get married there and then 5 days to CSA. The premium ocean view seems to be the one suggested on boards due to the better location in newer area in CTI and the atrium seems popular in CSA, but what i am concerned about is, some rooms say twin beds?? and also someone else said they didn't get the hammock in their atrium room-one reason we want that room. Any way to make sure we get what we want and not end up with twin beds and no hammock?

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    At CTI you will not have twin beds. They save them for Wedding parties.

    You have no worries, it is not a peak booking time, so they have extra rooms.

    Relax and enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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    I don't believe they have twin beds at CSA; why would a "couple" want separate beds??? The atrium rooms at CSA all have hammocks, not to worry.
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