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Thread: February 2010

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    Default February 2010

    OK - we've officially put down the deposit. Hurray!!! Phil & I will be there the 7th - 14th to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We're from WI. Anyone else trying to be patient until then?


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    Getting ready to put down our deposit for Feb 6th-13th. We are from MS and will be traveling with 2 other couples. Already finding it hard to wait.

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    Only 185 more days!!! LOL We've been to CN twice before with friends. This is our first time venturing out alone. Can't wait to meet you (thought we were going to be all alone at the resort)!


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    Default planning to go in Feb too

    We're planning our trip and hoping to go Feb. 17-24th along with 6 other couples. Haven't booked yet but am hoping to hit a "special" price of some sort. We'll be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary, which is actually on September 25th 2009. One of the couples will be celebrating their 9th on the 24th of Feb. and another celebrating their 25th (with a renewal ceremony planned. So it will be one big celebration. This is our first big trip; first trip to an ocean; first trip since we had kids over 7 years ago. Can't wait!!

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    Default February 2010

    We will be there on the 22 to 27.... This is our 5th time to Jamaica and our 2nd time to CSS. Last time we was there we had the Beachfront Suite and loved it so we got the same this time.


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    My husband Karl and I will be at CSS for the first time from 2/11-2/16. We will be celebrating out 3rd wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day. I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!

    Hope to meet you there!


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    We will be staying at CSS Feb 22-28, 2010. Our first time!!!! Looking to meet other couples who will be there at the same time. Can't wait to hang on the beach with my ass in the sand and my feet in the water and at least one drink in my hand... see you there

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    Does anyone know what the weather is like at CSS during the first two weeks of February?


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    We are looking forward to our first visit to Sans Souci after 10 visits to Grand Lido Braco. We will be there from Feb. 13-20, 2010

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    I don't know how anyone else feels, but I think the Couples MB is FANTASTIC! I'm really looking forward to becoming a member of the Couples family! I wish it was 2/11/10 already!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    We are booked for our first Couples experience at the CSS Feb 8-15th. See you then.... only 113 more sleeps

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    Default down to double digits!

    Only 99 days from today! Hurray!

    I can hardly wait to see my beautiful Jamaica again. (It's been 3 years and that is much too long!!!)


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    Well, we've taken the plunge for our first Couples experience. Woohoo! We're looking to have a great time and make some new friends over Valentine's Day and our Anniversary. It will be a blast. We hope to see some of you between Feb 10th - 18th!

    btw: How do they keep CSS so well hidden so that EVERYONE doesn't descend on the place???

    Can't Wait......

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    We will be at CSS from the 21st to the 28th of February. Our first time there and we are getting married there on the 23rd. We can't wait for February!

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    Ok - I'm going to try to summarize:

    Annette 6-13 from MS
    Megan & Phil 7-14 from WI
    Molly 8-15
    PacificNWCpl 10-18
    Suzy & Karl 11-16
    Peter 13-20
    Becky 17-24
    Kevin & Vickie 21-28
    Keith 22-27
    sex on the beach 22-28

    Anyone else out there?
    Please feel free to add in details. It makes me even more excited about the trip when I see that others are having a hard time waiting, too!

    This pic is Phil and me at checkin at CN back in Oct of '06.
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    Default Difficult to wait!

    Well, I'm here to tell ya that Belinda & I are having a hard time waiting, too. We've got about 50 days till we leave for CSS. Thank God for Christmas and New Years, so we have some good distractions between now and then...

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    WOW now its like 43 days till CSS, We hope to meet a few people,any one from Canada going to be there around 8th till 15 Feb ?? not that it matters where you're from
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    39 sleeps I can't wait. Now that Christmas is done, I'm getting sooooooo excited. Already booked my mani/pedi for a couple of days before I leave. Did I say I can't wait!!

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    Well I think we have 40 sleeps until we start our journey to CSS. Well Molly I have also booked my mani/pedi/tanning appts for just before the trip We are from Oregon so not too far from Canada, the west coast side that is. Looking forward to meeting people and having an awesome time. It is hard to wait but hopefully the next several weeks will fly by.


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    51 days and counting....

    Thought we'd try posting a picture of us.

    Happy New Year from a cold and snowy Nova Scotia.

    Kevin & Vickie
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    okay, so today I made 35 little stickies and stuck them all over my office at work. Each day I will rip one off in the countdown to CSS.

    I am getting so excited. Is it too early to bring out the suitcases? lol

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    Default Feb 2010

    I can hardly wait too! My husband and I are going 2/6-2/12 to celebrate our 21st anniversary. We live in Chicago, but my husband Matthew is from WI and I'm from CA. Two years ago we stayed at Couples Negril and absolutely loved it. The food was better than any other resort we've ever experienced.


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    Default February 6-13

    Alan & Andrea from MA
    We are going to be CSS February 6-13. This is our first time at Couples.

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    Default Closing in...

    First trip to Jamaica. Celebrating our 10 anniversary, wife's birthday and Valentine's Day 2/12-2/16. Never done an au natural, ready to take the plunge! After all, should you spend your birthday in anything but your birthday suit?

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    Default Trading Places ??

    Only 22 days left!!!

    We're curious to know if anyone else is considering spending a day at CTI on the Trading Places program. Since this is our first time at "Couples", we thought it would be fun to check out CTI to see how the other half lives. Anybody else considering a day trip??


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