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    Default Our CN /Couples MB Review

    First of all, we want to thank Couples for providing the "Meet Up" thread on this MB. Without it, we may have not met the BESTEST OF THE BEST couples at Couples. We were part of the September to Remember Group, Sept 18-25, at Couples Negril. We met and spent time with many couples from the September Meet Up thread and also met several other great couples that had never heard of the Couples MB. I think we might have a few new lurkers....they couldn't believe that the September to Remember Group had never met prior to meeting at Couples. BIG, BIG UPS to Couples for providing this "tool" for us

    Now on to a few details....

    The ride to CN...not too bad. A little congested traffic getting out of Montego Bay. Ride back to airport...not too good. Sat in traffic as we got outside of Montego Bay, then lots of stop & go. Note: CN is scheduling their departures an hour earlier to allow for delays.

    Otaheite is finished. We were there the night it re-opened for the Repeaters Dinner.

    Bldg 8 was closed for renovations. Didn't even realize it til we walked past it one day trying to avoid the raindrops. We were in Bldg 6. No problems or disturbances.

    Weather was awesome. Hot, hot, hot. Had a HUGE rainstorm one afternoon complete with big thunderboomers. Had fun watching it from Heliconia. Left water standing on the beach area. Sunset that night was beautiful, as usual.

    Booze Cruise....don't miss. This was our first time with "Rasta Ralphie". What a great guy! Loved singing with him while most of the others had jumped off the boat to swim.

    The food, drinks, entertainment, room, beach, pool....A+++++. What set this trip apart from previous trips are 2 things....

    The staff and the couples we met there....

    Meesha at the AN Bar. What a sweetie! She went above & beyond to make our Bloody Bay Yacht Club & Sippatorium a rousing success.
    Tevon at the towel hut/Heliconia Bar. Always a "good morning" and pleasant conversation. (And anybody that calls me "Princess" gets a nod from me on this MB)
    The entire breakfast staff. Really on the ball this time. Coffee & water always refilled promptly and pleasant smiles.
    A special thanks to Misja Ruis (sp?), the head chef, for making the poutine for our Honorary Newfoundlander swearing in ceremony. It was a great afternoon spent with our new friends

    And last, but not least, to our MB friends...Lucy/Kevin, Scotty/Diane, Russ/Clare, Robert/Karen, Ginny/Steve, Erin/Steve..and also those not on the MB (hopefully you're now lurking!). Please know that you helped make this trip for Jim & I our most favorite Couples vacation. Scotty..awesome job on the floating bar. And da man!!! You pulled off the Screechin In Ceremony of the Century! Jim & I are PROUD to be Honorary Newfoundlanders. Thanks to all for putting up with us old farts!! We had a blast

    This was our 3rd visit to CN. We have also been to CSS & CTI(COR). We love each & every one of them, but the AN beach at CN has our hearts. We are booked for #4 to CN next Sept. Hopefully, Randymon will throw a special out there for Feb (maybe back to CSS?) that we just won't be able to refuse!

    Here is a link to our pics. Still trying to figure out how to post videos.
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    Nice pictures. We were there Sept 5-12th and had a great time. Really enjoyed the Silver Bird Steel drum band as well.

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    Jane Jim it was a blast !!! thanks for the kind words i am so glad you enjoyed and took full advantage of being a vip member of the bloody bay nudie yacht club. It truly was a great week. We all know the resort will be incredible it is the folks you meet that push it over the top

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    wow great pics !!!! what a blast the screech swear in was jim you look great in the hat !!!

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    You also need to check out the NEW CTI. It is nothing like the past. All new and great. Most of the old staff are back so the friendly and caring from the past is still the greatest asset of CTI.
    Irie Mon

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    Poutine in Jamaica! That's awesome! ROFL

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    Jane..great pics,thanks for sharing!You just made me more homesick..we will be there Nov.1st..counting down!!

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    Thank you for sharing your photos. Our excitement about our upcoming trip is almost unbearable at this point! Your review and pictures have helped to fuel the anticipation! It all looks simply beautiful.

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    OK. I think I might have this right. Hopefully, here are the links to our videos

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    Oh Jane! Those videos are great! What fun it was hanging with you guys even if only for a few hours! Guess we won't meet again until sept 2011 cuz we are going next yr in may instead of sept. Hope to see you guys then! WOOHOO life is good!!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Jane and Jim...thanks so much for those lovely words...we're proud to call ya Newfies and that goes for the lot of ya that all took part in the good times. The pictures and the video are great and i just finished uploading our pics for all to see...hope you to come as soon as i figure out the file format conversion haha. We'll be planning our next trip to jamaica for next september real soon so we'll need to know dates so we can coordinate with all the rest that want to make another september to remember.

    love ya all

    Russ and Clare

    pics are at

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    Hey Russ/Clare--
    Great pics! Can't believe we've only been back for just over a week. Seems alot longer
    We're booked Sept 17-24, 2010 (Fri-Fri). But after the last trip, we're defnitely adding an extra day or two. We just weren't ready to leave yet...especially when everyone else was staying an extra night! For sure, we'll be staying til Saturday, and then maybe adding the Thursday before. We'll keep in touch. Only 346 days (maybe 345)!!!

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    Default Awww... Pics are Awesome

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful pics.... thanks for sharing.... I have 55 days to go before i am there and these pics were so exciting!!! Thanks again

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    Hey sag....Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the pics. Enjoy your time at CN. I'm jealous....we're back to 343 days and counting

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