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    Default Going to CSS soon???Tell Pierre Hi for me..Hugs

    I would appreciate,all of you lucky folks that are going to CSS,if you would seek out CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia and give him a hug for me...Oh yes,he is a hugger.

    ENVY...Yes,I envy all of you so much because you are going to CSS while my old butt stays home...But I plan on being at CSS on April 17,2010.

    CSS is so very special to Peggy and I..We love every detail of CSS.

    Pierre Battalgia is a very hard working general manager..He is constantly speaking to every guest he sees to be sure they are happy...His staff follows suit and will indeed spoil you rotten.

    Have a wonderful trip to our beloved CSS.
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    And be sure to give Fluffy and Kimberlee a hug for Tommywommy also.
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    The question is when will Tommywommy and Peggy Weggy be staying @ CSS
    That is what everyone and Pierre wants to know

    We will be there this Dec 14 to Dec 23 and are in need of much hugs

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    I will see all of you on April 17,2010..I booked today.
    Save me some hugs.
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    We will be there for our first time November 16th. I will be sure to look them up for you and pass on your hugs!

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    I just heard that Pierre is in desperate need of hugs.
    So come on..Give Pierre a hug for Tommywommy.
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    Richli2 and beloro2

    Please do give Pierre a great big hug and hi for me..Tell him that Tommywommy's hugging truck will arrive at CSS on April 17,2010.
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    Tommywommy, we will be heading home Jan 3rd. I can't wait to give hugs to all our CSS family. I would love to give some from you also. This is a extra special visit. It will be our 35th anniversary and our 10th visit to CSS. We have seen a lot of changes through the years, but Pierre has done a wonderful job through the transitions. I will give him a extra "big hug" for you. Hope to see Harry (from the Jewel Box), will hug him also. Can't thank you enough for taking my ring back to him to be sized. This board has wonderful people on it! You being my favorite.

    Teresa and Tom

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    Teresa and Tom..Peggy and I are very happy you two ARE at CSS.

    Pierre has done an outstanding job..Just outstanding and hey,Peggy and I love him.

    Tersea..Tell Harry to give Peggy a special deal when we get there next April..LOL

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci...Oh,how I love typing these words..See you on April 17,2010
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    OK..We are getting real close to our time at CSS..Peggy and I are very excited.
    We will be going to CSS with 7 other couples and we all are READY.

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci..April 17-24


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