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    Default Your Pre-Trip Rituals?

    Hey All,

    We are heading to CN from August 15-22 and our excitement is reaching levels rarely seen outside of boyband concerts. Do you have any pre-trip rituals prior to traveling? Pack two weeks ahead of time? Spend days finding the perfect swimsuit? Read this forum and Tripadvisor reviews obsessively? Quenten, our male half, tries to find the perfect pair of linen pants. Jenna, our female half, gets her blonde eyelashes dyed black (yeah, odd, I know.)
    Jenna & Quenten

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    Here's our list:
    1. Pay for a one month tanning package and tan for a month before we leave. The last thing we want to do is be miserable due to sunburn and the tan helps prevent it if we forget to apply enough sunscreen! Ok, there's another reason too - don't want to look odd in the AN areas with our stark white butts (and other bits)!
    2. Of course a little trimming here and there and/or nair where needed.
    2. Put my island music on my phone and listen to that while tanning to get in the mood.
    3. We go in August too, so we take advantage of the before school sales and get some new clothes, including linen pants! We're slowly learning which fabrics work in the heat and humidity and which don't.
    4. Lay out what we plan to take in a spare bedroom and start tossing things in there as we think of them so nothing is forgotten.
    5. Pack and weigh everything with a hand held luggage scale, including full bottles of alcohol to substitute for what we plan to bring back. You can get the scale at Walmart in the luggage area. Very nice to not worry about overweight baggage.
    6. Buy chocolates in bulk and freeze them so they don't melt enroute (for the staff, mainly housekeepers and turn-down staff).
    7. Buy books to read on the beach.

    We'll be at CTI from the 21st to 31st (trying CN next year) so we're starting our rituals now too, and will probably think of more as time goes by.

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    1) Tan
    2) Reggae music
    3) Brazilian
    4) Obsess over the Message Board (or continue to - I do all year)
    5) Start planning the SSB late night pool party with old friends going and new friends we're making on the MB)

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    Very exciting and good stuff! I have my list ready to go. Nails done...mani and pedi. The rest will be soon. Then the fabu care of the curly List is ready to go. The only prob is I am bringing more goodies for the kiddos and housekeeping and employees as a thank you and wondering if I can fit all that in my carry-on!

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    I pack months and months in advance and then forget what I put in the suitcase. So I unpack, add and delete some stuff, then repack. I repeat this processtwo or three times before our departure date. It's a complete waste of time and it's not a ritual that I want to do or mean to do, but it is definitely an unintended ritual.

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