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    Default Church service from CN

    Any of you been to the church service from CN? On our next trip, we will be there for two Sundays so are hoping to go to church and wondering what to expect.....what church, how long is the service,do they have collection like we have here.......any other information would be welcome.

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    We have taken the free shuttle Sunday morning to the Catholic Church in Negril. Mass is an hour. They take a collection as at home. The shuttle also goes to the Baptist church but we have not attended there. Shuttle returns to pick you up. The people were very friendly, wonderful music and we were made to feel very welcome. The priest in May 2012 was a Franciscan from ? Cincinnati . We also will be at CN for 2 Sundays from Feb. 22nd to March 8th. When will you be there?

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    We've taken the shuttle to the Protestant church while at CN and plan to do it again while we're there in May. It drops off at the Catholic church first then goes to the Church of God. The driver will give a time that they will return (about 1.5 hours later) and do pick-up in reverse. The service at the Church of God is very up-beat and the people are very friendly and typically dress up nicely (like they are going to church). When we got there they show us where to sit, since the church was already full they showed us to a balcony area. We found other non-Jamaican tourists from other resorts in this area also mixed in with some of the local people. They do take up a in any church. It is really something that everyone should experience. Here's a link to pictures we took of our trip to CN back in 2011 which includes pictures of the church, both inside and out...

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    Kgrace - thank you for asking the question and Margo&Andy / Bartand Bug - thank you for the responses. We will be there for Easter this year so I was going to ask the same questions.


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    Thanks-you guys for your responses.....very helpful. Now to decide which one.......We'll be there at the end of april.

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    You're welcome, Mohner. Hope it helps with your Easter plans. By the way...we attended the Easter service and it was fabulous!!

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